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    Railtours - half capacity during Covid19 pandemic?

    Well Pippa Dunn quoted that in the last episode of beano illustrated, I know he talks pap a lot of the time but that I thought was particularly inept
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    Railtours - half capacity during Covid19 pandemic?

    If public money gets sent to the railtour companies to allow them to run I predict that will cause a lot of fuss, after all 3 of the main railtour stock providers are millionaires, they can cope better than most atm, and after all railtours dont really provide a useful method of transport just...
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    LHCS Mk3 disposals

    Blimey 16 of anything sounds a lot for the MNR I'm guessing some will be for bits
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    Colas 56/0 & 56/3s

    Pretty sure at least some of the data panels had 47/8 not 47/4 and due to the extra fuel I'm pretty sure the extra weight did affect some route availability
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    Future of the Class 89

    Well given the ACLG have just sold the 86 and 87 to LSL, could we seeing a lease soon as IC Swallow seams to be their go to livery
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    LNER Class 91/Mk4 service status/withdrawals

    If the NRM do claim more than one, surely Crewe heritage centre would be the best place to farm it out too as long as its kept inside
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    West Coast Railway Co Carnforth.

    As you say they are a private company, they are not a preservation society. If they go under all the kit will be sold off to whoever, having travelled on WCRC more than a few times and seen the state of the inside of the coaches they might well be cared for better than they are currently, and...
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    John Farrow of UK Railtours dies of Covid-19

    The clearest memory I have of Mr F was him basically sitting on some drunk bloke who got off a return Deltic hauled excursion to Scarborough at Stevenage, as someone else said above he was allways moving through the train not just in first or dining allways up for a chat, good man RIP
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    Abandoned RES vans at Willesden

    its a pity no Pres line steps up and buys them there is very few RES vans painted as such in Pres, its like the 90s and early 2000s ever happened
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    Spanish Class 58's scrapped

    Of note in that article was a picture of a line of 58s and one of them looks like it still has nameplates on
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    Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet

    Most of the 86/6s have already worked on tours though, rare as u say but they have worked
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    Freightliner Class 86/6 fleet

    There arnt any railtours atm, and the 86/6 will prob be gone before they start up again
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    Has there ever been first and last number pairings

    Technically the first and last would be 50049/50 due to 050 being D400 but I do get your meaning :D
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    GBRf Rail Tour 2021: This time it's personal

    You sure you read it right
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    GWR Class 150/0 Farewell Tour "The Final Furlong" Sat 28th March 2020

    I'm pretty sure the situation wont calm down till june/July earliest, something will change Friday I'm thinking