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  • Have just clarified with the solicitor that it was neither a violent nor sexual offence. Thank you for implicitly urging me to check
    Hi 34D, I too have come across this information below. I commute from hitchin to the city and usually go into moorgate (london terminal) but occasionally I go all the way to KC terminus and then do take the FCC line with a PAYG oyster to city thameslink, as I work near millennium bridge! I would be interested in your alternative theory for travel on this route. Thanks in advance
    "By the way, if you're ever planning to get a weekly/monthly/annual season ticket on this route, then don't buy peterborough-london terminals. Do PM me and I'll recommend an alternative ticket to buy."

    I saw this comment on an oldish thread. I am considering buying a monthly peterborough to london terminals ticket. What alternative do you have in mind?
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