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    GBRf to Lowestoft

    Could be for weekend ballast trains
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    Electric Multiple Unit Controls

    The series only switch was also used on 4CEP units between Folkestone Harbour and Folkestone Junction.
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    If BR had switched to long wheel base freight wagons earlier.....

    BR built 1000's of unfitted SWB wagons in the 1950's to replace wagons worn out from WW2 BR was still building SWB wagons into the 1960's There were many reasons for freight moving to road transport in the 50/60's including, theft and damage to goods in transit, slow journey times when going via...
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    Maunsell coaches

    Several Maunsell SO from push-pull sets were found in Three Bridges yard in the 1970's painted dark green. Often used as mess/tool vans on ballast trains. The last Maunsell coaches in passenger service would be the 4-COR units.
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    New South Wales Blue Mountains: reminds me of the old Woodhead route

    Could well have been the same suppliers in the 1930's e.g. BICC for cabling and MetropolitanVickers for switchgear.
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    why is there a limit on how many units can work in multiple?

    On the Southern Region , the limit was the 3rd rail current . With 1950/1960 units 12-car was the limit e.g 3 x 4VEP or 6 x 2EPB Only 2 Class 73's could MU in electric mode , 3 x 73 would blow the substation breakers.
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    Steam Auto train working No Guard provided Great Western Railway

    Gloucester - Chalford AutoTrains carried a conductor to sell tickets from the unstaffed halts. Not sure about the Forest of Dean branches
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    1500V DC OHL Electrification - More Robust?

    The main problem with the 303 and 305 units was the mercury-arc rectifiers. ( Later replaced by silicon diodes ) Faulty rectifiers would put pulses of dead short across the transformer secondary. On the Glasgow units, this would cause heating and loosening of the secondary winding causing...
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    1500V DC OHL Electrification - More Robust?

    The main weakness of the 1500v DC system over Woodhead was the 11KV or 33kv buried cable connecting the substations together which would often burn out cable ends. Strafford substation would be pushed to the limit with an MGR train with 2 76's on the front and 2 on the rear. ( This was on the 1...
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    1st gen DMUs and DEMUs

    In the 1950/60's there were 3 loading gauges on the SR Restriction 0 - Tunbridge Wells - Hastings ( tunnel restrictions ) Restriction 1 - Tunbridge Wells Central - West ( tunnel restrictions ) Restriction 4 - Other Routes ( Same as BR C1 ) Hastings units were restriction 0 Oxted Units were...
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    Windows Powershell

    Used Powershell sorting out Windows 10 security holes. Configuring and deleting unwanted windows services and scheduled tasks
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    What is your earliest memory of travelling on a train?

    First remembered trip was a 14xx and autotrailer from Gloucester to Stroud and back.
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    Calling any software developers

    Now retired from many happy years fixing Tops/Diads/Crewplan/Genius/Voyagerplan. First learnt C and assembler in 1991
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    New Lines Built Between 1923 and the mid 1990s

    First one that comes to mind is the Chessington branch built by the Southern Railway
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    If you were forced to self isolate...

    Assemble all the '0' guage coach and wagon kits from the loft that I bought about 30 years ago.