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  • Hi. I work as part of a team everyday at the moment anyway, so was easy to come up with an example. Can't really give you any specifics I'm afraid. I wish you good luck
    Anybody done a Lift Planner Course recently?
    I don't know what to expect, I hold a PTS, do you do a drugs test on the day?
    Will there be any basic refresher education for mathmatical side of the course. Any practicals?
    Hi sorry didn't see the message!

    I just said that I believe that MTR's core values (on their website), mirrors own, and that I believe that together we can help each other's long term goals. Their goals are on their website too!

    good luck

    I was hoping you could help. I've applied for the abellio greater Anglia trainee train driver position. I'm trying to contact them using the recruit email address but have had no response. I've recently completed both stages of the assessments with the opc but fell at the final hurdle of a depot managers interview. Greater Anglia have offered me a place to do the assessments but I need to confirm with them that they're aware I have already passed the assessments. If you have any current contact info for them i would be most grateful, many thanks.

    Keith Woodhall
    Hi, I found the test straight forward and to a point a bit too simple that I thought I must be doing it wrong, given that others around me were clearly struggling.

    It basically gives you a fault code, then a method on how to find out what to write in the fault book.
    for example - fault code17w - check carriage doors, if not check lights and so on - until you find the right one for the code you have.

    Which TOC did you miss the call from?
    Hi mate - I have been a member of this forum for some time and got my first private message the other day to get some help with my SI for DRS next week. It was only when I read that I saw there were these visitor messages from you. Im soooooo sorry that I didnt reply but I honestly didn't know these messages were here. Whats your situiation now? Have you managed to secure a position?
    It was a personality questionaire. Was really easy, and only took 5 miniutes. Havent heard anything else yet, and didnt even get a conformation email acknowleging I had sat the test, so I hope it got to them ok.
    Hi mate, sorry about the late reply but have been mega busy. The interview was based around what I would do in such and such a situ and how I intend getting to work at 0430 and home after a late shift etc. I never got asked anything about Scotrail at all so all my research was for nought lol. The mechanical comp test was pretty much basis physics and how will the piece move if that lever swings this way, it was pretty east tbh as long as you get down to the library and do a bit of research. As for the bopit and guitar hero yes definately it helps. As for practise I cant say but I did it until I was pretty good and could beat my son. Hope this helps mate and good luck!!!
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