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  • Ah fair enough - you can't go too far wrong on the locals, as long as you don't mind regular stops but I imagine you're no stranger to that.

    To be honest, all across the GW franchise there are going to be lots of changes on the cards, it's natural given the IEP project and its consequences. You'll have good fun down in Devon whatever happens!
    Local only, not interested in all those pointy nosed routes, you end up way to far away from home depot incase it all goes wrong. I wouldnt mind a go at a HST though.
    I do hear that there are going to be a lot of changes at Exeter relating to the traction worked with a lot of cross cover so I might still end up on HSTs anyway, nothing official though.
    They've got character, put it that way. Dare I say it, they also seem quite reliable too. It's the 153s which seem to be the ones which cause more problems..

    Will you be local units only link, or a mixture of HSS work too?
    Ah fair enough, still a little while to go yet. Best of luck with the move then, i'll look forward to seeing you down there. (And go easy on the pacers please, I'll confess to actually quite liking them! ;) )
    Not for a couple of months yet, still need to work most of my 12 weeks notice, then its traction training, roule learning, rules test etc etc then I will be out and about.
    Oh no, at least the 150s will look a little familiar to your 455s ;) Will I be seeing you around Exeter then when I'm back in a few weeks for uni?
    Ah right, so a move of reasonable proportions then! Sorry to hear that its due to family problems, never nice, but as you say that sort of thing has to take priority.

    Where abouts is it you're moving to? (Obviously can understand if you'd prefer not to say!) Still on electrics or moving over the 'dirty diesels'? ;)
    Put it this way, I will be getting a new uniform! ;)
    Family problems dictate a move so I have to give up the employer and depot I enjoy immensely but some things are more important than others.
    Not really looking forward to it but onwards and upwards, I am sure I will settle into driving the little trains eventually.
    Are you moving on to pastures new then 455driver, or just changing depots within SWT?

    I do hope you change your username for accuracy to whatever you end up driving instead ;)
    I am no expert on ticketing or getting people off, there are far more qualified people on here that will help you.

    One thing they will need is all the facts of what happened thet day, once you have made 5 active posts you will be able to send PMs to people if you dont want to post certain things on the open forum. Things like stations and the journey you made are fine but dont give dates or times.

    We do get a lot of dodgers on here and your original post sounded like one of them, sorry for any offence and I apologise and will post an apology on the thread in question.
    I am well known on here for being forthright with some of my replies which do sometimes upset people.

    Be completely honest with your replies and the other posters on here will help you sort this out or at least minimise the damage, it is not the crime of the century but the railways do lose a huge amount of money every day to persistent fare dodgers and are starting to crack down on it.
    This is my post for FGW Intention to Prosecute. You mentioned that I am be regular fare evader. I only wanted to say that I am not. I have got new baby coming and have a mortgage to pay. I am an educated person who works in reputed company. I am so scared of this notice that I am unable to sleep since days because of stress and thinking of going to doctor for stress relief tablets. I beg for help here, as I understood many people have got so good advice from Experts like you. Please help me..
    Thank you again! So...sorry more questions....how far in advance do you know your roster? How easy is it to change say a day or swap your run if earlies for lates? If you were planning a holiday how easy is it to get the week you want? What times do earlies start and lates finish? A 6 day weekend.....well I think I might just be able to cope with that!
    The roster is arranged around your days off and Sundays are a normal working day, I will use my roster as an example starting at line 30-

    Sun to Sat
    30/ RD E E E E E E
    31/ RD RD RD L L L L
    32/ L L RD RD L L L
    33/ L L L RD RD RD RD
    34/ RD E E E E E RD
    35/ RD RD M M M M M
    36/ M RD RD L L L L

    earlier on in the roster are more earlies and less lates, later on are more middles the LDC do try and balance it out as much as possible.

    So once you start on a shift type you are on it for the "Working" week which will run over the weekend until you are RD again, I prefer it this way as it is less tiring.

    Sundays are normal days and are paid at flat rate as is normal overtime (although the hours paid are negotiable), the only extra is when working a rest day when its T+1/4.

    From December we will be on a proper 4 day week and have 3 days off per week giving the chance of a 6 day long weekend- thurs, fri sat first week followed by- sun, mon, tues.
    Rough life isnt it! ;)
    That is fantastic detail. Thank you so much. I'm interested in how they roster days off. Is it a case of 4 on/3 off with Sundays separately planned? Excuse my naievity. I'm waiting on a start date for either Farnham or Basingstoke. Basingstoke seems harder to get into. Farnham is more likely going to be the choice. How do earlies/lates alternate or can you elect to do more earlies/middles or lates as a preference? So many questions, sorry! But you seem to be the man!
    Hi there, are you able to give me some more info about Farnham shifts/turns? What are typical shifts? How are they grouped together? How do holidays work?
    Much appreciated.
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