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  • Hi there,

    I'm just getting in touch re: your recent post on May 2012 Window Labels as I have some of the ones you mention as spares.

    Yep I will be - I'll be in coach C according to my "mandatory reservation coupon" :D
    Ah very nice :) If I ever travel on a XC service it is very rarely on a voyager, unless I need to go future up north where the HSTs diagrams don't fit in. I like to window hang EXD to NTA generally the bit between NTA and PLY is a bit boring.

    Funny you should mention window labels, have about 60-70 of them - Including some Waterloo, and also via Honiton from the diversions over the last few weekends.

    The reason why those stations would of been there was probs because the set had worked to Cheltenham the day before or something and when they go into the siding the train manager will go around and put up the new labels. I once got given a Hereford to London one from the guards van of a Plymouth HST, was the Cathedrals Express aswell!

    Yeh do let me know - Could be on the same train!
    Yes I spotted you was in Plymouth aswell, I'm at home in Peverell as had a day off sixth form today :D. You are also correct on your theory about me and HSTs, I am a HST fan, and am getting the most mileage I can out of them! (Not a fan of voyagers at all!)

    I'm not really a 50 fan tbh, sounds good to get it back into working order though!
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