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    Engineering work on strike days?

    Er, who is doing the work? I was under the impression that Network Rail maintenance staff were also striking…. So, it is irrelevant if the signallers are there or not, if there are no staff on the ground
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    LUMO manages Edinburgh to Kings Cross in 3 hr 58 mins!

    3h58? Pure luck that the myriad of other services that conflict with it at various junctions just happened to be either early or late, so it got a clear run all the way through. Oh, and being a pure electric set with no diesel backup (no "donkey engine" or bi-mode) does mean it is lighter than...
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    EMR 180 Sat down at Luton Airport Parkway

    So over the last week we have lost 180109, 180114 and 180105. A very bad week for the units! (I know 105 may not have been a unit fault but it will not be fit for traffic anytime soon after running through that buffer stop) I wonder if the fault on 109 is the same that occurred on 114 last...
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    Correct contact for reporting lineside or crossing related issues?

    I will "consider" ringing them? That is a clumsy choice of words considering the OP wanted a number to call to report this. Any gate left open or secured open that allows access to the railway is a safety risk and needs reporting. In my job I would much rather know and have someone go and...
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    Suggestions on upcoming modern fleet withdrawn

    Oh gawd, not only keep the 180s but convert them to bi-mode? That could only be written by someone who is not involved in the day to day operation of the railway. They are probably the most unreliable diesel unit out there. The sooner they are gone, the better.
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    Peterborough - Doncaster EMR traction

    It is a mix of classes 156/158/170 depending on availability. However as Class 170s are prohibited from Platform 2 at Doncaster and Platform 5 can only accommodate two 23m coaches, 2-car 170s are quite rare and 3-car 170s very rare.
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    How long is too long for an absolute block section and where is the longest?

    Yes it is unsafe as allowing another train into an absolute block section contravenes the fundamental rule of absolute block: one train in one section at one time! Where the signals are placed though is a different question and there quite possibly are better places for signals to assist with...
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    'Turn-back facility' - Horsforth Station

    When the line was resignalled, sidings were installed on the site of the old signal box to the north of the station. These sidings combined with the crossover to the north of the station are the turn back facility. It allows trains to terminate at Horsforth and then shunt to the sidings to...
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    Poor regulation on ECML

    Oh there will be a reason, which is probably not obvious and the information will be kept between the TOCs and Network Rail. Neither Peterborough or Doncaster PSBs have ARS - both remain NX panels relying on the signallers to signal each train.
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    What is the purpose of a fixed distant?

    That one part of the quote made me smile, and is so true. A quirky Absolute Block location with many aspects that are specific to there. I loved working there.
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    What is the purpose of a fixed distant?

    What everyone seems to have missed is the use of a fixed distant for the associated home signal which is approach controlled, and requires the train to slow for any route at the home signal (and is not on the approach to a terminal platform). For my example I would suggest you look at...
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    South Yorkshire Joint Line - Local MP Wants to reopen for passengers

    The simple answer is that this is pie in the sky stuff from the local MP. The idea of trying to flight a local service into Doncaster without any infrastructure enhancements (including possibly another platform) is a non starter. At the moment the level of services to and from the iPort...
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    Thrumpton Signal Box

    I bet the signaller on duty would be very upset if they thought they had been replaced... In all seriousness though, Thrumpton Signalbox is still very much live and kicking.
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    York - London stoppers.

    It might also be the amended timetables currently in place meaning that unfortunately platform 6 is not available for the time required for the turn back, and so platform 7 is used as next best.
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    Fares workshops

    I am always eager to brush up my fares knowledge so would you please add me to the list as well.