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    A 66 at Alresford?

    Arrived today its off to Odiham for a Chinook event at the base next week , not sure if its going to be re named or anything
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    Mid-Hants Gala - 5th-7th March

    Here is a few shots just to make people aware im a volunteer on the line with a valid PTS
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    Bluebell to get an EMU and another diesel in the New Year

    indeed , GB have 5 soon be 6 73s
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    Oopsy-daisy (450 @ Waterloo)

    73109 is there now acting as a block
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    Clapham Junction to be redevolped

    In a way this could be a bad idea, as you might get some iddiott flying planes into the Flats?
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    Oozlum Bird Number 2

    I was tempted to open the door and push you out of it at 90 MPH
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    What's in Your Wallet?

    Bank card Work Discount Card Nat insuarance card Driving Licenece Indian Takeaway buisness card (Saturday use onl) Recipt for when Surrey police Stopped me at Woking for fotting 73204 C**ts Vodafone top up card although im on 02 Contract now
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    Swanage Beer Fest...

    I have that weekend off work just means do i go or not
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    Fred(s) FIRST TOUR!Saturday 9th February - "Oozlum Bird Number 2"

    Im on this tour aswell my mate MT is driving, so plenty of Hornage, Locos are undeicded but it will probably be 205 and 209 so im told, i doubt 136 will be ready but who knows
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    First class 66 to be cut up???

    i very much doubt First GBRF would scrap a 66 they dont have enough now
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    Chavs at Westbury

    Put them all in a long line and give me a Shotgun
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    New notice at Eastleigh

    They have just made Petersfield station a Level 2 which means no bins, a country town under threat of terrorist, i dont think so that sign has been there a few months now --- old post above --- --- new post below --- Eastleigh has bins on the platforms, i blame the chavs for the rubbish, hang...
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    ED on the Lymmy Branch Tomorrow Morn

    73235 will be working the Lymmy in the morning with 1497. Loco will be London end and will be attached until at least 1J16 (09+54 arr at BCU) after which it will return light to Bomo leaves 73201 to get herself on the branch big ta to reepcheep
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    Why do Class 444's and 450's "squeak"

    Everyone loves it when you hear EeEeEeEeEeEeEe BANG!