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    What's your "pet seat"?

    I'm not particularly fussed these days but in the old days of the NIR 80 class I usually liked to sit in one of the rear-most seats of the power car. You get a big window and sure you're facing a wall but it was cosy and I enjoyed it. My goto spot when an 80 class came to take me to or from...
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    Will the Night Tube survive the current crisis?

    Moderator note: Split from Night Tube saved me when my plane to Gatwick (which was scheduled late as it was) was delayed and arrived in Central London (Victoria) in the early hours. Needed to get to...
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    Schoolboys left injured after playing near rail line to sue over 'psychological trauma'

    Between this and the child hanging his head over the edge of the Trowbridge platform, I'm reminded of a clip from Police Stop 2 where children were caught on camera playing chicken under a motorway bridge, whilst a speeding car in front of the police video car was fast approaching them. The kids...
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    Suicidal male on Stockport viaduct 19 Jul 18

    If I'm to believe some individuals here, it just isn't and there's no knowing why. I think the problem here is the spectrum of irrational actions in these situations is really quite wide than a lot of us understand.
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    Suicidal male on Stockport viaduct 19 Jul 18

    It seems totally nonsencical, and that's the big problem. If that's what depression does, how can anyone make sense of it? Its such a volatile thing.
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    First TPE's Nova brand for their new trains

    Hope it doesn't go as far as the Nova 5. That crashed and killed everyone on board except a service droid. Anyone who gets that reference wins a cookie.
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    Level crossing accident on Arun Valley Line 17/02/18

    Whatever the reason that car was on the crossing, it will have nothing to do with Southern before the crash. What is she going to say? That Southern planted it there?
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    APT-P Powercar Transfer

    Might be more pricey than most loco DLC on Steam, but the level of work going into this train makes it worth every penny. I guess its down to how much one really wants it. I once spent £19.99 for the Class 205 "Thumper" unit but that's because I grew up travelling on thumpers and are some beasts.
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    APT-P Powercar Transfer

    Just thought I'd share it here. In the midst if the crowdfunding, the APT-P was announced for Dovetail Games "Train Simulator 2018" for gamers to experience. This train had been development hell...
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    GWR Class 800

    What are the confirmed names for the GWR 800 units so far?
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    Creation of class 230 DEMUs from ex-LU D78s by Vivarail

    Got something to salvage after pouring water onto the fire than just letting it burn and have nothing left.
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    Eurostar e320 / Class 374 "Velaro"

    Is there still only one e320 set in service currently?
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    InterRail and sleeper trains

    With the InterRail Great Britain Pass, can you use it to travel on the Night Riviera and Caledonian Sleeper trains in the seated accommodation?