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    Greater Anglia Rolling Stock Updates

    Absolute 317 gala today for any masochists with 379s restricted to non-multi operation so just a few out. 317s on nearly all Stansteds and many Cambridges.
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    Is the UK 'overdue' a serious rail accident?

    Chiltern and a Met were only a few metres away recently...
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    Correct, this weeks ones to circle the bin are 812/825. 812 was out today.
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    Class 710 LO

    50/50 split 315 and 710 reached on diagrams this week, with the latter working the majority of services as one 315 diagram is AM peak only.
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    December 2020 Timetable Change

    Operator led. Dft basically box ticking what operators want.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Broken. They pulled a full planned restoration of half hourly Norwichs for July late on due to being unable to fulfill diagrams with working 745s.
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    Both, off lease on Friday so handback delaps tomorrow
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    Class 315 Withdrawals Believe this is 315806/827 which are out of miles (unless its a plan B for a 360 move)
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    Class 710 LO

    109/128 having another go at entering service today, managed a round trip so more successful than previous. Driver trainers look to be trundling around as well unless something is out on test.
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    Class 345 progress

    345s (and 315/317) use(d) platform dispatch equipment don't they? There are far more 345 diagrams, so mileage is much higher. Each fault then shows a greater drop on a 710 than the same would on a 345.
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    Class 345 progress

    710 MTIN is so low by comparison largely because they just don't (can't on the routes) do any mileage in comparison to things like 755s. The measure is very flawed. They are far from reliable, but looking at MTIN is not really sensible. That team don't tend to move delays elsewhere for PR either.
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    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    Yes first six IIRC and tested there over Gotthard.
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    DfT advise TOCs that full timetable is to be restored on 6 July

    That’s the next timetable change date
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    If i was a betting man...
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    Class 315 Withdrawals

    They are being stripped first. Replacement pair should come across when off-lease from MTR at end of month.