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  • Hi there. As an VTEC driver I am hoping that you're able to answer some queries I have about the role/company. I recently attended an assessment centre in London and I am still waiting to hear back regarding that. It was a bizarre experience I have to say but they must know what they are looking for. I have applied for Kings Cross depot.

    My first question is regarding the shifts. What is the roster like? Are you able to send me a copy of the roster so that I can see what the shift lengths are like and also the rest day patterns? Some example diagrams would also be much appreciated if you can provide these.

    Is Virgin a good company to work for? What sort of perks do they provide?

    Are taxis available to drivers at the end of shifts if there is no transport home? My current TOC provides a taxi for shifts ending after midnight.

    How often do the night shifts come around?

    Thanks in advance for your help in providing answers to my questions.

    All the best. Cheers
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