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    Is the N.R.M. really child friendly?

    Nope, the 414 is a HAP, If i remember rightly theres only one coach of the VEP there?
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    Steam experts - help required

    It all depends on how much boiler pressure there is as to whether or not it could provide a helping hand. I would think that it would have been running on reduced pressure, but would have still been able to pull trains and that it was paired with another engine as a form of insureance. I dont...
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    what have people pulled with their Hornby 60?

    Yer, thats the problem heljan had with the 33 for a while it kept pulling the couplings out! The bet Haulage test ive done was my Hornby Q1 on 21 Coaches!! and also my friends Hornby N2, which i put a brass bar in the front off, and it will now pull 13 coaches instead of 6!
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    what have people pulled with their Hornby 60?

    I wonder if the 60 could pull a person?? I dont mean a full grown human but a small child maybe? Ive had my tiny 3 1/2 inch gauge london tram pull me and that only has 2 tiny 12V DC motors
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    class 73 GW mainline

    73202 is route learning for some new service, cant remember what. I thought 73201 was RT Rail same as 73107 no fGBRF.
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    Class 455 blinds

    Typical driver, never b****y happy and always moaning! If i had a pound for every time id scratched/cut/grazed my fingers while working on 455s id be rich!
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    Class 455 blinds

    Im sick of seeing those blinds lol, I havent had one jam on me yet, or havent had any reported to be jammed, but we have to check that they operate freely. I normally leave it with some things different on the front like Basingstoke Via Chertsey 99 or 98, cant remember which! I do...
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    New motors for old engines

    Ebay, try and get a 7 pole one, the more poles it has the better it works!
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    What else have you got on offer?
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    LT Acton Depot Open Day

    Excellant, come say hi, ill be the one running around like a looney trying to keep control hehe, on the saturday ill prob be in my black hoody, then on the sunday ill be driving the 73, if not just ask anyone and they'll point u in the right direction!
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    LT Acton Depot Open Day

    I will be present, on the saturday im day controller on the miniature railway and on the sunday im driving my new class 73 loco, thats if the heatsink does its job and the controller doesnt over heat. Anyone else coming?
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    Bachmann 4-CEP images

    ill be getting a green one, but not sure if it will be with or without a warning panel. Id like a refurb one in SWT livery, that would be nice! Lets hope they do more like a CIG and VEP!
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    Do you think there will ever be another single carriage train

    Nothing beats the good old 121! I think another 1 coach train would be good!
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    Foot Plate Expierence

    Coolness, a friend of mine is a driver down there and has offered for me to come down and be his secondman due to a medical problem he is required to have someone with the him in the cab, yer i cant wait, black prince or southern maid have to be my favourite engines, the bug is also quite cool!
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    Foot Plate Expierence

    Im going to be acting as a second man for a friend at the RHDR this year! cant wait!