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    1. backontrack
      You do realise that you are allowed to strike through your Cannon Street post?

      I will leave you to decide.
      1. A Challenge
        A Challenge
        You can't strikethrough valid posts
        19 Feb 2018
    2. NSE
      Sorry, only just saw your message! The carto one. It’s so worth a read if you’re into maps. It has highly detailed examples of depots, and shows platforms and turn backs and all sorts. I think it’s great.
    3. Paul Sidorczuk
      Paul Sidorczuk
      Further to your note about single word postings less than five letters in length.

      For a posting of four letters only, add a full stop at the end of your posting

      For a posting of three letters only, add TWO full stops at the end of your posting
    4. Paul Sidorczuk
      Paul Sidorczuk
      I do admire the perseverance that you have shown on the Quizzes and Games forum.
    5. Paul Sidorczuk
      Paul Sidorczuk
      Welcome to the Quizzes and Games forum. With regards to the Transport Game UK, have a look at the first two postings on the quiz where the quiz rules and some useful guide notes that were written by the forum quizmasters will make matters clear.
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