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  • Please don't pretend to either know (or guess) my political affiliations - they're not relevant.

    All I was asking you to do was justify your position that a certain place warranted a certain level of provision - which I'm not sure you actually did.

    Whenever I engage on such forums, I always expect people to substantiate their statements with some basic facts - on the basis the facts will usually show whether an argument being advanced holds water or not.

    If you are going to advocate a position which most don't agree with, you need to back it up with some facts, unless you are simply trolling with the expectation of getting a response.

    I wasn't the only one who pointed out the deficiencies in the argument you were advancing - I assume you've sent similar messages to the other posters?
    Hello there,

    Can we just agree to differ on views? Your comments suggest you are of a conservative/ Tory ideology whereas I am most definitely of a more socialist background.

    Please don't try to paint me as a loony eyed fantasist - I've not suggested the Midland & Great northern, the High Peak or Stainmore routes!!
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