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  • So when you start with LM, you will do:- Induction (3 days), Personal Track Safety (2 days) then rules for approximately 2 weeks. Then you'll be allocated an instructor, then you'll start training on the job. You'll be with the instructor for as long as it takes you to learn the route, learn the safety and the customer service part of the job, and do a day on the trains themselves. The whole process sgould be around 8-12 weeks in total. For me it was slightly longer as there was a shortage of managers to pass me out and sign the paperwork. Which depot are you going to?? I'd like to PM you, but you don't have enough posts yet.
    Hi there,

    I am looking at re applying in the future. Can you give any hints and tips on the interview. What are they looking for etc?

    Thanks, Paul
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