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    London bus stop tiles that aren't in alphanumeric order?

    The tiles clip on and off so they can be re-arranged into the correct order.
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    First South West (Kernow & Buses of Somerset)

    That's correct - there is even a fleet number allocated to an Ensign hire vehicle that in the end never made it into fleet - 36080.
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    First West of England (Bristol, Bath & The West)

    None of the late night university party buses are running this autumn, for obvious reason.
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    TRIVIA: What is the longest bus route in London that uses single deck vehicles?

    The 465 (Kingston - Dorking) is 15 miles.
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    [Trivia] Lopsided Loops (Circles with different frequencies in each direction) - historic or current examples welcome

    Infrequent shoppers/school Metrobus service 318 is out and back between Epsom and Great Tattenhams, but then does a large loop around Burgh Heath, Banstead and Nork. 4 journeys run anti-clockwise, only 2 clockwise.
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    Arriva's revamped website

    Yes exactly - an eight page list of every single service in the UK, in incorrect numerical order. What possible use is that of to anyone?!
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    Trivia: Most Hostile Bus Routes

    Having driven all three at night too many times to mention, I really don't agree with that. There is usually quite a jovial atmosphere on board.
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    First Aberdeen

    Other than a few threadbare seats, they are in very good condition anyway. Will be interesting to see what they emerge like.
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    Stagecoach Repaint Updates

    Indeed - it's not a black and white "people won't notice" or "it's terrible" situation - but if you take the middle ground view, some of the inconsistencies are just wild. The black window surrounds vs. white on the E200s in the post above look so different they may as well be two different...
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    First West Yorkshire & York discussion

    First York isn't part of FWY any more.
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    Most Scenic Bus Route

    Yes that’s right. Some of the blue E400s are fitted with ticket machines too and can be found out on normal service at busy times - that also includes at the moment while route 1 is being worked by deckers instead of the usual singles for Social Distancing.
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    First West of England (Bristol, Bath & The West) “ COVID-19 Bus Services Support Grant (CBSSG) Restart funding in England has been extended indefinitely, Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps has announced. £27.3m per week will be allocated...
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    First West of England (Bristol, Bath & The West)

    That was then and this is now, to put it bluntly. It doesn’t make previously getting rid of B7RLEs to save fuel a bad decision as you seem to imply. Now, the bigger the bus the better, and the Goverment are paying the Operating Costs. All normal commercial rules are out the window.
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    Reading orders Optare MetroDeckers

    I'm not so sure of that - the recent announcement didn't paint a pretty picture for any part of the business: That and the other major factor - will the 702 even survive Covid and the complete destruction of the London commuter market? It can only be marginal at best and even when Reading...
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    Buses lasting longest with 1st Owner

    In fairness, not yet 'excluded' at the time we posted our replies! It's unbeatable against the basic title of the thread and original post. Excluding open tops biases the whole thing towards urban city operations (bearing in mind a lot of open toppers are employed on public service routes that...