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    Working TimeTable Eurotunnel

    Hi all, are their documents, compared to WTT, showing timetables, planned paths through the Eurotunnel? Or are any other types of timetable existing containing traffic through the tunnel? Regards from Germany Adrian
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    Trains running via Battersea Reversible

    Hi everybody, are any (passenger?) services scheduled to run via the Battersea Reversible Line (Clapham Jn -> Pouparts Jn -> Stewarts Lane Jn.) during the current timetable period or the period 2019 (May-December). Greetings from Germany Adrian ;-)
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    New signal box simulation: Stellwerksim

    Hello, after I've asked a lot of questions the last days I want to share with you the reason why I did. We (a German signal box simulation) started to rebuild parts of the UK rail system. We started with London Waterloo and making our way the South West Main Line down. It's free to play :)...
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    Dividing Trains at Basingstoke

    Hi Dibbo4025, thanks for your fast reply! Can you explain to me how I can find the data? Looking at RTT I'm not able to see data of 2019. And the WTT also doesn't show it. :( Might be easier so I don't have to ask all the time, nevertheless I'm very grateful that here's a place to ask...
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    Dividing Trains at Basingstoke

    Hello, it's me again. One more question regarding trains starting in Basingstoke (still talking about the WTT 05/2019-12/2019): 2L14 2L18 2L90 2L22 start in Basingstoke. What is their origin? I haven't found any ECS Movings from the Yards/Sidings and also no trains that loose coaches...
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    Dividing Trains at Basingstoke

    Thank you all so much! Yeah i know, but I haven't figured out yet, how to get the information I've asked for at realtimetrains. Especially how to search in 2019... Anyway thanks once again!
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    Dividing Trains at Basingstoke

    Hello, according to the May-December 2019 WTT the following services stop to set down/detach at Basingstoke: 2T13 5B17 2T45 On the other hand i couldn't find a train stopping to take up/attach. I also couldn't find services starting at Basingstoke that could be formed out of the splitted...
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    Timetables Southeastern Trains at Waterloo station 2017

    Thx 30907. While I used google earlier I already found this thread, and reading so much about it, I decided to register myself here, as it looks like somebody here might be able helping me out. :) Everything I got so far out of above mentioned posts is, that trains left Wat at xx.27 and xx.57...
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    Timetables Southeastern Trains at Waterloo station 2017

    Good evening, I'm trying to rebuilt London Waterloo station as a simulation. I'm nearly done, but as a small Easteregg, I want to programme the diverted Southeastern Trains to London Waterloo as it was in summer 2017. I think it was a 2 tph service from Sevenoak, runing via Windsor Reversible...