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    Trains in Mexico

    Contracts are being let to build the tren Maya in the South East, which is for passenger service, and there is constant stop-start progress on rebuilding lines from Mexico City to commuter towns, and of course many people chasing the American Dream riding freight trains from the Southern border...
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    Newcastle to Munich via Train

    I think a lot depends on whether you consider the journey an inconvenience or part of your 40th. If it's an inconvenience then it's a hard sell, beyond "it's my birthday so I get to choose" and "Billy-o can't/won't fly". If it's part of your birthday, then selling points are a visit to Paris...
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    Newcastle to Munich via Train

    Regardless of what your rights are with the tickets, any significant delay will mean a very late arrival. Unless you are in a real rush I'd sell it as a 2 or 3 centre holiday, with a night in any combination of Paris, Brussels, cologne, Aachen etc. Personally I like propping up the bar in German...
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    Trivia: Stations with no scheduled services passing through non-stop

    Isn't there still a last train od the day, possibly Sundays only, non stop from Honiton? Axminster?
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    Rhaetian Railway ticketing

    Switzerland is a strange creature when it comes to tourism, there can be different offers from municipalities, cantons, state railway, private railways, postbus, and they all act as if the others don't exist.
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    Rhaetian Railway ticketing

    [Search engadine scoulobilQUOTE="racklam, post: 4566233, member: 25068"] I'm planning a trip to the Lower Engadine in Southeast Switzerland at some point once travel is possible again, and was wondering if there's some sort of ticketing option for various short trips on the RHB during a week...
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    Rhaetian Railway ticketing

    Search free mountain railways engadine for a good example
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    Rhaetian Railway ticketing

    You can often get tickets specifically for a walk that include rhb, post bus, cable cars etc. They're not massively cheaper than individual tickets but can offer maybe 20% discount. Depending on where you're staying you might also get free travel included. Tourist info in Switzerland is very...
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    Cloth masks, scarves and bandanas to be 'encouraged' with no compulsion

    You'd have to fly to a country that doesn't mandate face masks for use on public transport or just being out in the street. I'd suggest either get used to it or wait a year or two or however long until there's a vaccine or treatment and the world begins looking more normal again. Right now...
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    Is a uniform fleet cheaper to operate than a mixed fleet?

    There is always going to be a trade-off between the advantages and disadvantages of a uniform fleet. Fleet families, with commonality of parts, helps to a degree, but if everything always had the same parts there would be no innovation, and if there's a problem with anything that means there's a...
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    Plym valley to get a Pacer

    This is not true. While in Summer it only goes from the outskirts of Plymouth to the outskirts of Plymouth, in December they operate a seasonal extension all the way to the North Pole, which has a station identical to that at Plymbridge bar the fairy lights.
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    Memories of Mk3 coaches & loco haulage on prime express routes

    I think the Plym Valley Railway has some in the station buffet (ex mk 1orange plastic seats, not pictures of them)
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    SBB consider reintroducing Night Trains

    I don't think the EU has an issue with a subsidy, it has an issue with subsidising one organisation without any kind of competitive tendering process.
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    Joining friend on Caledonian Sleeper

    Welcome to the forum. I can't tell you the exact odds but if you look at the disputes and prosecutions section you'll get an idea of what might happen if you do get caught. Seated passengers are not allowed in the lounge car let alone sleeping compartments. I suggest if you're the sort of person...