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    Anniversary Fenman 6/4/2013

    Morning All For anyone who was planning a trip to see 70013 working the Anniversary Fenman from Liverpool Street - Kings Lynn via Norwich on the 6th April. This tour has been postponed AGAIN!!! until the 25th May due to 70013 being unavailable. 34067 had been lined up as a replacement but...
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    'SkyFall' EC 91007

    For those wishing to view the train on the press run, here are the timings: Train 5Z07 runs SO from 16/02/13 to 16/02/13 Type STP Electric Loco Timed at 125mph Operator GR EAST COAST (21704001) Bounds Green T&R.S.M.D 0632 Alexandra Palace pass 0636 GL Finsbury...
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    'SkyFall' EC 91007

    The loco is being renumbered 91007 but will remain as 91107 on TOPS. EC have now issued a release to the press stating that the WHOLE TRAIN will be wrapped in the commemorative livery, not just the locomotive.
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    'SkyFall' EC 91007

    Unfortunately haven't been given that info yet. I have asked my contact if he can forward me the timings and a photo if possible :)
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    'SkyFall' EC 91007

    From a contact at East Coast. To mark its unprecedented success at the UK box office, ‘SKYFALL’ will become the first film in the UK to permanently give its name to a train, when East Coast locomotive 91007 is unveiled on Platform 7 at King’s Cross Station next Saturday (16 Feb) by the stars of...
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    Trainspotters banned from Peterborough?

    The whole thing at Peterborough came from the Duty Station Manager quoting to a group of people that he wanted to ban enthusiasts from the station when steam trains are due as they ignore the do not pass this point notices at the end of platform 4/5 and walk down the ramp to get shots. This...
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    Peterborough Passenger/Freight & Princess Elizabeth

    Afternoon All Just finished uploading my latest vids. Passenger Trains at Peterborough 28/05/2012 Freight Action at Peterborough LMS Princess Royal 6201 'Princess Elizabeth' working the Thames Diamond Jubilee on Sunday 03/06/2012. Hope you enjoy.
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    0Z32 Burton - Orton Mere NVR Convoy

    DCR Class 56 Diesel Locomotive 56312 hauling Class 55 Deltic Diesel 55019 'Royal Highland Fusilier', Riviera Trains Class 47 Diesel 47812 (Running as D1916), DCR Class 31 Diesel 31601 'Gauge 'O' Guild 1956-2006' & BARS Network Rail Yellow Class 31 Diesel Locomotive 31602 'Driver Dave Green 19B'...
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    A Few New Videos From Me

    Evening All Thought I'd share my latest uploads with you all. 1Q19/1Q20 - Direct Rail Services 37603 & 37605 passing Turkey Street Station Direct Rail Services 37087 passing Bletchley Station WCML Variety at Bletchley Station LNER B12 4-6-0 8572 On The North Norfolk Railway...
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    Is there any more to this website ?

    Matt If you click the drop down menu where it says around now, you can either specify a timescale or do 06:00 - 20:00 as well as other options. I have used this site a few times and the passenger train info is accurate but the non-stp freight workings are very hit and miss. Regards &...
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    Recommend me a camera!

    Shame you can't go a bit higher price wise as I have just got a superb deal at PC World on a Fuji Finepix S3400. 14MP, 28x Optical Zoom, 720p HD Video Recording, 17 scene modes, HDMI connectivity and even more. Weighs 540g with batteries and boots up bloody quick. Was £329.99 now £169.99...
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    60163 Tornado on the Cathedrals Express & The Northern Belle 12/12/2011

    A busy day in Enfield yesterday with 60163 Tornado working along the West Anglia Main Line twice with a Cathedrals Express working from Chertsey - Ely - Chertsey. Also The Northern Belle paid a visit with DRS 47810 & 47790 on a Peterborough - Finsbury Park working via the Southbury Loop...
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    70013 Oliver Cromwell - Cathedrals Express 8/12/2011

    Travelled to Ely on Thursday to capture 70013 Oliver Cromwell on an Ely - Oxford Cathedrals Express working. Pictures 70013 Oliver Cromwell about to depart from Ely 37676 Loch Rannoch stabled at Ely after arriving with the ECS from Southall Video 70013 Oliver Cromwell propelling the ECS into...
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    Cathedrals Express 26/11/2011

    Managed to get over to Paddington for 60163 'Tornado' on the return working from Shrewsbury. Surprise of the night was 67006 'Royal Sovereign' which arrived to power the ECS working to Southall. Pictures Tornado after arriving at Paddington 67006 Royal Sovereign preparing to depart to...
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    Staples Corner Derailment 28/10/1988 - Working now, web hosts have been updating their servers lately so prob just a temporary down.