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    GP Surgeries - What is your experience like?

    Pre-pandemic I always used to go in in-person to book appointments or collect test results as it was far easier than trying to get through on the telephone. At one point it wasn't uncommon to hear reports of there being 2+ hour waits on the phone, ending in getting cut off or told there were no...
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    Finalists - Best UK 'High Speed' train

    At least one (I'm 25).
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    RSSB Rule Book App log-in.

    Crikey, I'm one of the select few who have a login then, and that's presumably more because I got in early than being anyone important as I'm very much not. No wonder I'm the only person I know who has access...
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    Difficulty obtaining large sized men's shoes?

    Have you tried different widths? The Steitz boots we are issued have different widths available so if you normally need a half size to allow for width rather than length that might help. That said, I accidentally got my boots a size up when I started and anything else feels wrong now, even...
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    mortgage broker with railway insight

    I've never had a problem, except initially when they overlooked the 4 weekly pay. Once that was pointed out it was simple. They took the headline pay, plus 50% of the average overtime in the 6 month period I provided payslips for. That was more than sufficient for me, but I'm not one for pushing...
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    Kids on the signal gantry at Kirby Cross

    I don't know the area, but it's not uncommon for the tops of signal posts to be near enough the OLE to require an isolation of the OLE to work on safely. The safe distance is 2.75m (9ft) which is a fair way.
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    From the signage it does appear to be POGO, see my earlier post on this point:
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    The issue is making it sufficiently robust to meet the requirements for a safety critical circuit.
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    Is this a bit of GWR 'bridge rail'?

    Yes, there's more of it around than you might think!
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    Looking at it as a whole, I find that I see the large "STOP" message, and then my attention is drawn to the numbered list. I'm looking for instructions, and we're accustomed to seeing instructions in ordered lists. If you've ever used a recipe (especially online) there's a title, a blurb that...
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    THS761 is approximately 400 meters to the east and would be facing the direction that would be visible from the crossing, so it is possible that a tractor driver could see a green light. Whether someone would be daft enough to somehow think that applied to them or meant that a train wasn't...
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    Pogo is Power Operated Gate Opener. You press the button and both gates open/close simultaneously. The idea is that it reduces the need for the driver to walk over the crossing four times to open and shut the gates. It would, in theory, be possible, but it would require a lot more work as it...
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    Whittlesey - collision between freight train and tractor. (19/08/21)

    I believe it is POGO, backed up by the sign visible in the picture posted on this railcam news article (right below). The writing on the sign isn't fantastically clear, but compared to a photograph of a POGO sign included in the Frognal Farm RAIB report (left below) it does look as though the...
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    What’s this ‘noise’?

    It's always audible, although phones do seem to make it particularly bad. It's a nightmare if you're on a phonecall and the person you're talking to has decided to put their phone on loudspeaker and sit it on the equipment.
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    What’s this ‘noise’?

    The high pitched slightly warbling sound at the linked timestamp? An audio frequency track circuit, so named because they're in the audible frequency range! Specifically, these would be EBItrack 200 (or TI21 by their original name). They're definitely not unique to third rail/electrified areas.