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    Landslip Weaver Junction

    Was booked on the 1S52 10.30 euston - Glasgow to Lancaster. Train cancelled. So headed to ST Pancras for 1F22 10.31 to Sheffield and then to Piccadilly for TPE or Northern to Lancs. 1F22 Capped at Derby due to 38 min delay due to trespass incident. Packed EMR to chesterfield thence 1R70 EMR to...
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    TPE Class 397 ('Nova 2') construction and updates

    My first trip on a 397 today - 1S75 16.30 Man Oxford Road to Edinburgh as far as Lancaster. My normal spot at the west end of platform 2 was to no avail as train came in coach E (first) leading so stood in the vestibule crush looking longingly at first class seating! Fortunately after the...
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    Trivia - northern unit liveries

    Just realised I left out the ex GTR unbranded white with blueish doors livery carried on a couple of northern 319s. So that’s 6 livery variants seen in one day on Northern!
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    Trivia - northern unit liveries

    Today traveling on Northern I’ve seen units in at least 5 liveries: - old northern - new northern - FGW - Scotrail - London midland (150 at Piccadilly) Are there other instances of one TOC operating stock with so many (or even more) liveries at the same time?
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    SWR Major Disruption 19/11

    Passed through Waterloo en route to Woking approx 19.45. I was lucky! boarded a packed basinstoke which was then canceled. Back to concourse- most trains apart from a few locals cancelled. Next woking shown at 21.00. Lots head for the pub to wait. Then an Alton is called and departs in less...
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    SWR Repaints and Refurbishments

    On an internaly refurbed 450 woking to Wat this morning- new seat coverings are firm but comfortable leatherette head rests a nice feature and won’t discolour too much. Grey and blue stripey carpet should hide the dirt too. Plugs at each bay a welcome feature. All internal signage SWR branded...
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    Loco hauled services operated by WCRC on the Windermere branch

    West Coast to run Oxenholme - Windermere shuttle from tomorrow. First from Ox at 09.25 and last arrival 19.00. Stock not known but RTT Shows Diesel loco and service SSUX.
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    Northern's Problems in the North West

    Travelling south off the 17.36 Lytham to Preston - saw online it was bustituted at 17.55. Got to station 10-15 mins early to find bus leaving early. At Preston departure boards showing cancellations to Barrow, Ormskirk, Colne all blamed on driver shortages. Added to knock on impact of earlier...
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    Caledonian Sleeper discussion

    92s at Euston this morning 010 on lowlander 1M11 and 018 highlander 1M16
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    Caledonian Sleeper discussion

    Euston this morning 92033 on platform one blocks having worked 1m11 lowlander and 92018 on platform 15 having worked 1m16 Highlander
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Returning to Lytham from Preston this evening train used the new down line from kirkham junction to the start of the single line. Presumably this new section is to allow south line trains to cross without blocking the main line? Separately I assume the new signalling system is to allow trains...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    The south Fylde line is running again! Caught the 07.06 from Lytham to Preston, first up service train (ecs ran earlier). Formed of a 142 and 150. Second train up crossed at Kirkham. At Kirkham used the new up platform and guard advised all Preston trains from this platform in future. Fair...
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    Blackpool - Manchester Electrification

    Planning to get the first train out of Lytham on Monday - will report - hoping it runs!
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    Caledonian Sleeper discussion

    92018 doing the Highlander ECS