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    Entire 800/801/802 fleet stood down for safety checks

    It's not uncommon. Norway had to withdraw an entire new fleet in 2000, we got caught up in it. You design and make modern trains as light as possible to save energy use and track wear so you use aluminium instead of steel, and you make the components as light as possible. Get the design...
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    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    What matters is the communications gear. Is there a multiple-working standard and set of jumpers that have been adopted?
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    "Working" is stretching the use of our language... the loco might be working, but the stock is of no use to passengers whatsoever!
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    Merseyrail security guards broke train passenger's leg twice - Liverpool Echo article 30/04/2021

    What is "so British" is giving a private supplier - of almost anything - free rein and pretending that a regulator will hold them to account if they ignore what the law or plain decency requires. Look at the scandal of the Home Office's incarceration and deportation contractors, the negligable...
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    Have electric vehicles been "oversold"?

    most city journeys do not need to be made by private transport, full stop. Walking, cycling, buses, even trains (shock, horror) and combinations of all of them deal with almost all jouurneys.
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    Have electric vehicles been "oversold"?

    So where is the evidence for that assertion? Why is it "clear?" If you can't produce it, or council minutes pointing to it and giving a working link, we are entitled to conclude that it is just another example of a council caving in to a vociferous minority.
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    Have electric vehicles been "oversold"?

    I very much doubt it. Did you see this article? It said
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    Have electric vehicles been "oversold"?

    and interestingly, recent radio 4 pundits have said several times that China often under-promises and over-delivers. There is hope yet!
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    Merseyrail security guards broke train passenger's leg twice - Liverpool Echo article 30/04/2021

    And are we prepared to continue to let our public transport be policed by companies selected and people recruited by those who know "the price of everything and the value of nothing?" You get what you pay for... don't get me going about "efficiency" again!
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    How do you feel about rail staff travel

    It works the other way too. A former colleague who lost his privs when he left our "railway" employer cannot take his (decades-long) relationship with his ladyfriend any further because she refuses to re-marry as it would mean her losing her widow's travel concessions. Some people have...
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    How do you feel about rail staff travel

    Your first bold bit might be correct, the second certainly isn't. I have old tickets somewhere with a plethora of clips on them. In theory the position, order and shape of the clips should make the progressive use of the ticket clear. see post...
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    Long tunnels with no ventilation shafts/vice versa

    I have read that the wide shafts at Kilsby (or is it just 1 of them?) was so that the originall rails could be turned end-for-end to even up the wear. You would think it would have been easier to swap the 2 rails (of each line) over.
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    Have electric vehicles been "oversold"?

    How about "Because I haven't got one?" So I can't even take one on holiday, or on a day out in the UK. I can pay for things in many other ways, but I fear that this will be another thing that discriminates against people who don't want to be tracked everywhere, or to be on call, or who don't...
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    Forum Jokes

    There may be some truth behind that... When I worked at Bristol Temple Meads in 1974 and commuted in on the train from Severn Beach we once ran straight in to Temple Meads, rather than waiting at "Stop-all Junction," as Dr Day's (I think it was) was commonly known. My colleague and I exchanged...
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    What were the 5 most controversial closures of the 60s?

    Well, the MSC is the whole river Irwell and Mersey in places, so that isn't really so surprising. Thanks for the lead, I will read it. However I can imagine the practicalities of picking up and accommodating all the agricultural and other drainage and the likely ongoing costs of maintaining...