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    London Underground MSTS Routes

    I've only tried the Piccadilly and its nowhere near as good as the LU routes for BVE. The upcoming District for MSTS will be different though.
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    MSTS fault

    Go to "Add or Remove Programs" (found in control panel) and click on anything MSTS-related and then click "Remove" or "Change/Remove" and follow the steps to unistall it. Do this for all your MSTS-related stuff listed on there. Then go to C:/Program Files/Microsoft Games/ and delete the Train...
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    Air tax hike 'would hit poorest'

    Interesting debate. I think that the huge boom in low-cost airlines has been a catastrophe both for the environment and the aviation industry - far more people travel by air today than say 20 or 30 years ago - simply because most couldn't afford to before. But these extra passenger numbers have...
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    What is the best HST Livery in N?

    GNER don't have orange doors (or they didn't last time I looked) - they're red. Although I agree that it looked better without them but it's illegal to have doors the same colour as the rest of the train now as it upsets people with bad eyesight.
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    Flight Simulator

    If you want to fly some real aeroplanes (as opposed to the boring, computerised modern stuff) in FS2004 then see here: It's all free and David Maltby's Trident and 1-11 and Rick Piper's HS748 are better quality than 99% of payware aircraft for FS.
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    Oh dear

    Even if you do meet those criteria, why sue?
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    Ads to prevent Level X-ing deaths

    I saw the bunny one the other day - a bit tame really - not a particularly hard-hitting message if you ask me. They should make them more bloody in order to terrify people out of messing about with crossings IMO.
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    What a Nation of Dunces we are!!!

    No - there are millions of people in this country and others that are a lot more stupid than that.
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    Exam Board Humanities Source Booklet Problems

    Oh well, even if you fail all your exams at least you won't be too stupid to work for an exam board.
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    Favourite UK Tram System

    Well I think that Sheffield trams are actually very little use at all - what the hell is the point of having a tram system if it doesn't go anywhere near where most people live? The system is only build to cater for people who live out Hillsborough or Crystal Peaks way, and want to go to...
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    Vandals close part of the Newcastle Metro

    I regularly use the Metro (and have been all my life) and I think it's great - definitely the best public transport system in Britain outside London, although I'd be very wary using it late at night, or when anywhere near Sunderland (but then who'd want to go anywhere near Sunderland anyway?).
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    ha! Tin of paint banned from bus

    True, but that is no justification for pointless measures that provide negligible (or no) safety benefits and are a hasslesome waste of time and money. At this rate, the rest of society is in danger of ending up with a situation like that in aviation, where so-called "security" measures have got...
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    ha! Tin of paint banned from bus

    Getting rid of the HSE would be a help - all these H&S rules are unnecessary and cause far more trouble than they're worth.
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    Plane Lands at Wrong Airport.

    Yes, I wasn't excusing the mistake when I said that it is very easy to do, but a lot of people reading this might not appreciate how similar approaches can look from the air, no matter what aircraft you're flying. Of course you should always make sure, but when there's other things going on in...
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    US airlines

    US airlines are all pretty bad, but I haven't been on AC so can't compare.