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    Is the leccy supply to the railway 'just enough'?

    For all the electrification , most freight traffic seems to be in the hands of diesel class 66's all over the country.
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    Incident at Enfield Town 12/10/21

    Noticed that the track was still the old-style flimsy bull-head rail with not very substantial looking stops.
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    Trivia: Easily confused station names

    Ashford Surrey was origionally Ashford Middx; (still should be--)
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    Westinghouse Garrard Ticket Machines 1940's on

    Would the Garrard part have any connection with Garrard (Swindon) who manufactured audio equipment and similar (eventually became part of Plessey)?
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    Sandilands Tram Crash - An Accident

    Ideal solution would be speed controlled points with any speeding tram being sent straight on into the presently disused tunnel just beyond the danger point.
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    Flooding disruption (12/07)

    Bit pedantic but canal tunnel at Soton underneath the rail tunnel.
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    Trivia: Any completely self contained routes?

    W&C still has no track connection.
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    Footbridge at Debden.

    Not quite what was done with the M 25 bridge on the Ongar section, or in several places on the northern and piccadilly-----
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    Footbridge at Debden.

    Just seen pic; of the new footbridge at Debden Central line and am encouraged to see that as far as I can tell ,it seems to have clearance for full-size stock. This is an unusually forward-looking step for these days- anything to do with the use of a surface- gauge Tmm7 track vehicle which had...
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    Dispatcher scanning something on the platform with a phone?

    They do that to read my water meter--
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    Does LU need the Fourth Rail?

    The southern had return rails in the 4 foot ont the Hayes branch and between Charlton and Woolwich.
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    Motor Luggage Vans

    Big All Apparently this did happen more than once. I also remember it as I have already said. So why do you disagree? It's quite possible that you never heard of it but it's been confirmed. You say you were there up to about 1980-----probably you were retired when it happened?
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    Can Mk1 and Mk3 coaches couple to each other?

    I believe that MK1 vehicles have a slightly higher external roof-height than the others?
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    Can Mk1 and Mk3 coaches couple to each other?

    Mk 1 and Mk 2 coaches have bigger gangway buffer plates than Mk3 but still work ok.
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    Lines that should have been mainlines

    Maidstone line has a very sharp curve at Otford junc: