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    What would you do if you could rename any stations.

    London St Pancras International > London Hauptbahnhof
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    Rolling stock game

    Class 156 on a TPE-service to Salford Crescent
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    Trivia: Similar sounding stations

    If you pronounce Stroud with an ou like in soup, then it could easily be confused with Strood.
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    Rolling stock game

    Class 360 to Ipswich
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    Rolling stock game

    Jump to Monument to catch an S7 Stock to Liverpool Street
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    Greater Anglia Livery/train liveries in general

    The ScotRail 'saltaire' is a very smart livery. A reconizable identity for all trains in Scotland. If DfT wants to do the same for England, it has to be something more inspirational than the 'plain white/gray with coloured doors' idea. Perhaps grey with a dark window stripe and a red bodyside...
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    Govia get Thameslink Franchise

    They won't. But people from Purley will want to travel to St. Pancras and from Cambridge to London Bridge area. That's the idea behind linking different lines across the city and it's used in various urban transport networks around the world. I entirely agree. I even think the service pattern...
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    Can UK equal the Dutch?

    Interesting question. Probably there are several factors that lead to this better performance than most British operators have. 1. The Netherlands are a smaller country, with trains running shorter distances. The Dutch don't have long distance trains covering 500 miles in 5 hours. The longest...
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    Trivia: All 4 "types" of traction at one station

    The only station I can think of is Liverpool Lime Street. Various Northern, EMT and TPE diesel units, CrossCountry 220/221 (DEMU), Virgin 390 and LM 350 (AC electric) and if you count in the low level Merseyrail platform, then there are DC electric class 507/508. When Reading is electrified...
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    Repaint countdown for FCC, FGW and ATW

    I found this photo of 150213 on Flickr:
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    Rail Maps/Track Diagrams

    What kind of simulation, if I may ask? :)
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    Class 313 'Clicking'

    The sound comes from a small box under the carriage, where two gnomes are playing ping pong.
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    Rail line maps

    It looks like he ignores you when you contact him about the map, which I can imagine if people keep asking for a new update. But he doesn't even respond when when you show respect for his work. Let's hope we can see a nice updated version soon, though :)
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    general 166

    What information are you looking for specifically? Did you do a search on Google or Wikipedia?
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    Railway network simulation software

    You could try JBSS BAHN. It's what I use to simulate the UK railway network with a fictitious timetable (still far from finished though). I don't know if it's useful for your study project.