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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    A bit off topic as the thread is relates to the UK, but here are a couple of pictures I took a few years ago of Mount Baker in Washington State, USA from Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver. I've just measured the distance on Google Earth and it's just over 70 miles. It's not at all uncommon to...
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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Thanks! Interested to see the links. The amount below the horizon is considerably more than I would have expected. The other thing I learnt today is that you can fuzz our part of posts containing spoilers, so thanks for that too.
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    Longest line of sight (UK)

    What I particularly like about of these photos is that you appear to be able to see the curvature of the Earth: the horizon on the sea looks substantially closer than the land beyond. In fact it would be interesting to know how much land is hidden by the horizon. I'd probably have known how to...
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    Do underground platforms normally have numbers? if so are they normally displayed to the public?

    Its odd that some but not all have share the numbering with National Rail platforms and some don't, Kentish Town for example being at odds with Moorgate which for a while had two separate National Rail lines running into it. Imagine if the underground platforms at Waterloo followed on from the...
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    New British Passport

    Here is an old one of mine, or rather ours: one document covered me, my wife and our kids. It included a list of countries you could visit. I don't know what was so special about Bermuda bearing in mind that all the other countries except Tunisia were European. You didn't need a lot of proof...
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    New British Passport

    I got a new one a year ago, just as Covid was starting. At least it's a proper burgundy coloured one! Due to age, I also had to renew my driving licence and replace it with a photocard within the last few weeks: that was received within a few days (well under a week) and thankfully this has a...
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    Old feel stations

    There are quite a substantial number of Victorian/Edwardian style station platforms on surface lines that used to be operated by pre grouping companies, where it feels as though the platforms haven't changed at all over the years - unlike their main line counterparts, even though some have had...
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    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    My mother had a friend who, during the war, needed to go to Maidenhead. Apparently she had no idea where Maidenhead was but was given instructions to catch a certain train at Paddington and get off at the third stop. She ended up at Taunton which was the third stop of the wrong train which she...
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    Is there any news regarding a Class 483 train being preserved?

    I had a quick meddle with a booking site and even at this time of year there was hardly anything under £100 return. I don't think that I'd mind paying £60ish if we were going to spend say a week there but not necessarily if it was going t be a two night visit. I'd love to visit the island but...
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    Is there any news regarding a Class 483 train being preserved?

    Well, at least in my lifetime, going back to the fleet of O2s with vintage coaching stock, it has always had a vintage feel to it, as indeed had the railway system(s) on the Isle of Man, the idea presumably being to attract visitors to the island to include a train ride during their stay. I...
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    Strange destinations in southern PIS

    I remember that, or at least seeing a picture in the railway magazine of one showing Dunstable North as the destination. I can't for the life of me remember whether there was any form of automatic public address system in those days or whether the driver just read out the calling points...
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    Is there any news regarding a Class 483 train being preserved?

    For me, and I would hope for many non enthusiast visitors to the island, the attraction was the type and vintage of the rolling stock in use. On that basis I can't say that I'm over enthralled by the introduction of the D stock because of the scale of alterations carried out by Vivarail. If only...
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    Forum Jokes

    Are these all rhymes you lot learn't at primary school???? I don't remember any of them, although the Jack and Jill one did feature in the all time classic Oops Upside Your Head by The Gap Band. I can however recall, as I expect we all can...but I'll repeat it anyway, from what would now be...
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    Through fares to heritage railways

    It is a very good idea as far as promoting the Torbay Steam Railway and a encouraging people to travel there by train is concerned. Mid Hants tickets used to be sold at the main ticket office at Alton station before the MHR opened one of their own. I don't think that through tickets to Alresford...
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    Are tunnel walls the closest object to a train?

    Surprised that nobody has mentioned the tunnels on the Tonbridge - Hastings line which were so narrow that special units with a narrow body profile had to be built to operate over the line until the lines through the tunnels were singled in the 1908s. The tunnels had been built on the cheap...