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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    WSMR are trying this and get good loadings at both Shrewsbury and Telford Central. They offer many promotions with Telford resisdents like a 1/3 off with Flexi Cards and Family saver Tickets for only £80 return. The 07.23 service WRX - MYB always seems to get very busy and fills up between...
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    Im not sure i agree with this. I thought WSMR came under the operations board of Chiltern Railways which although its all owned by DB i cant think they would close WSMR just so they could concentrate opps on the WCML. WSMR and Chiltern Rail have a good management team and im sure they...
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    sorry my mistake. i though it was something like 20-25 min reduction appoligies. 15 seems more realistic --- old post above --- --- new post below --- why would that mean the end of wsmr. im confused
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    What you have written is very Interesting. I have done much research and spoken to many passengers who travel on board the Wrexham and Shropshire Train, and many Businesses are happy to pay for their staff to travel in First Class, as it is cheaper than the PEAK time Virgin Standard fare and...
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    Hi The WSMR Services pass Birmingham International At the Following times Please note some times will change after 12th December as the NEW WSMR timetable comes into Operation on this day. Times for Weekend Services are subject to alteration due to Engineering Works which may effect...
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    Whats the 10.17 from MYB.
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    All train Operators deserved to be praised for their achievements and for their customer service, however WSMR are a real example where all of the staff really do care for their passengers. The on board staff all work hard to help every individual passenger, and often walk down the train to...
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    W/S down to 3 a day from December

    I would just like to make out, that from the very start Wrexham and Shropshire Railways have been running with the passengers best interests. Some of the comments on here are quiet harsh considering that WSMR are a non subsidised Private Train Operator. At the end of the day, remember that...
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    Wrexham and Shropshire Railways, Railway Charity 2011 Photographic Calendar

    Wrexham and Shropshire Railways, Railway Charity 2011 Calendar. Start submiting your images NOW Hi All. Thought Id let you know about Wrexham and Shropshire Railways New 2011 Charity Calendar. Many of you may have only read about or seen pictures of the Wrexham and Shropshire Railway in...
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    WSMR Diversions?

    Hi If you are planing on using the service there is a NEW NEW Timetable. Due to problems with the National ticketing and information board a new new revised timetable is now in place. Ignore previous ones and use the one which is hyperlinked at the wsmr website on the address...
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    Wsmr 67

    Yes. The first run of class 67's, dead unpowered N guage models sold out but they have just started to re sell them again. as they have now got another batch in. I think they are being sold from Wrexham, Wrexham and Shropshire depot. Phone them up if you want to buy one. 01743 720016...
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    WSMR, Wrexham and Shropshire Depot Badge

    Hi all. This is your chance to own a genuine piece of railway memrobilia. Wrexham and Shropshire has produced 100 Depot badges and there are only a few left. The most collectable 001 is on ebay, and ends in just over 1hr...
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    Wrexham and Shropshire Time Train

    Dear All Just to let any one who may be interested no, Wrexham and Shropshire are operating a special history train on Tuesday 15th December 2009. As far as i know the 07.23 Wrexham & Shropshire train from Wrexham to London Marylebone, will have on board Rod Playford who will present a 2...