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  • Good evening mate

    i read one of your posts in relation to cross country. Are they the type of organisation who are more interested in what you look like etc. ans what you are wearing aha? have you experience a cross country assessment centre?
    Lol no worries! CCTV is a useful thought though. I genuinely don't think the Driver would have intentionally trapped you in the doors, he would value his job far too much unless he was a real idiot. Driver Only is a poor way of running trains, saving a few quid by not having a Guard but making an obvious safety compromise in the process - sadly, they want to bring it in everywhere. It's most likely that the mirror or monitor the guy was looking at just didn't show you, and he hit the close buttons just as you guys reached the door. Having said that, if you feel there was an unacceptable delay in the doors being reopened again, then that's something the firm should look at. All trains have a 'black box' so they can download it and see exactly what was pressed and when. If the Driver needs re-briefing on how to deal with that situation then they can identify that.
    Sorry, just realised that it wasn't you who mentioned about cctv and report specifics, but thanks for your post and message regardless!
    Yes, I think probably best not to engage them, though even the unhelpful comments have highlighted missing areas in my original post (much more thoroughly covered in my email to FCC), I didn't actually expect such a response so didn't take much time to explain myself before posting - rookie mistake, will try to improve if I post again!

    Thanks for your post, I'll mail a hard copy of my email to their physical address. I'd also forgotten about CCTV, the company will be able to verify my report visually which is great news!

    Thanks again, Lindsay
    I have never been on one of them, i only really use buses & the local trains!
    Yes! not too bad as we get the HS1 even though i thought that at Chatham they used overhead wires, but obviously not; all 3rd rail until Gravesend/Ebbsfleet
    Yes; I' wouldn't say i'm a spotter though but i enjoy knowing the trains that i get on and enjoying the journey.
    Yep, I'm all new i did a Google search for information about Train Discussion's and found this site :)..
    Ah, I knew it! Though in fairness had it not been for the 450/377 combo, I prob wouldn't have noticed lol! I prefer the Electrotars to the Desiros, at least they make some half decent 'train noises', and Desiro units are so bland :-/ Are you equally keen on 375s, or just the '77s?! Shame Siemens trains aren't sexy any more like the 332/333 stock! SWT have some cool liveries, I quite like the red on the 455s too.

    I tend to avoid Voyagers where possible, yes they're fairly unpleasant when hot/busy/anywhere near the stinky toilets! Oh dear :o
    Hello, Yes it is indeed Portsmouth Harbour. Massive 377 fan, Never really been on a 450, but I like the colour scheme. Just seemed a nice picture :). Regarding the Voyagers, I wouldn't say hate. If I had a table to myself and it was cool inside, it would be fine. But they are always packed!
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