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  • Hi Bill,

    enjoyed your post and photographs on the Dundee Blairgowrie line, in the 60's as a 13 year old I used to visit all the stations on this line and sometimes hitch a ride on the engine up the line (in the days before H&S legislation!) probably the last (illegal) passenger on the line before it was closed. brought back many happy memories of the friends I made on the railway then, although as I am retired they are all probably no longer with us.
    Good Evening Bill,
    I live at Level Crossing Cottage, Appleford (overlooking the crossing). If you are around this way then pop in to see me.
    Hello Bill, I was interested in your post ( afew years go, just discovered via google)on the oil train accident at Didcot in 1964. I am good friends with the son of one of the crew on the train loco, Mr Wheeler. I believe he got a commendation for separating the train to prevent more of the tankers going up.
    Best wishes, Nick 33006
    Hi Bill

    Thank you so much for the speedy dispatch of the DVDs. Sure I'll enjoy watching them.

    I'll let you know when they arrive.

    If our paths should cross at a railway station or on a train, be delighted to buy you a drink !

    Regards - Nick
    Spent 27 years at Healey Mills,Wakefield, under BR/Yorkshire Freight Area/LoadHaul/EWS.
    I have been a guard/trainman/Team member B.
    Took the money 3 years ago. Had enough of EWS and the tricks they play.
    9K43 was the local 350 shunt train in the Wakefield Area
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