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    What is the least safe rolling stock in service today? What would do best in a Grayrigg like accident?

    Given the performance of one at top speed or as close to top speed as they're going to get round here for a while, I wouldn't want to be on a 397 during a serious incident
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    Lothian Group discussion (Lothian City, Lothian Country Bus and East Coast Buses)

    Straight diesel conversion doesn't sound like a bad idea actually. After all everyone on here is always saying how short of double decks they are
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    Lothian Group discussion (Lothian City, Lothian Country Bus and East Coast Buses)

    Wouldn't surprise me if those for hybrids ended up back at country, maybe on the 276 which by all accounts is rather busy
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    Ember: Electric coach service

    I think, although I could be wrong that there are more seats than this but they do try and keep a few back for walk ups
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    Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern

    I've not been following the 769 soap opera very closely but how are gwr getting on with their lot? Rny in service for passengers yet or are likely to be soon?
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    Flixbus Discussion

    Finchley road is a fabulous interchange with a lot of potential except for the fact that for passengers with a lot of luggage or reduced mobility it's a nightmare due to a very hard and busy to crossroads and a subway with lots of stairs as an alternative. Less relevant but still partly so, the...
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    Ember: Electric coach service

    Yes the rail strikes will definitely be having an impact. I agree completely about the recovery time, I can't help wondering if they should maybe form a contingency to spin services round at ingliston park and ride if if they are running seriously late and advise passengers via messages, emails...
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    Bus Manufacturer News & Discussion

    This is good news, another potential competitor in the market. I have to say that having now topped up a good few miles on them, I am unimpressed with the byd d&a DL product, I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise as I don't like generally any buses that they build but have a good deal more time...
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    Ember: Electric coach service

    I wonder what the calling pattern on the fort William service will be and and if they have made arrangements with someone in fort William for charging once up there? Certainly definitely demand for a very limited or non-stop service that they would have no trouble filling up
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    Accessibility of Delay Repay schemes for blind and partially sighted passengers

    The National Rail Enquiries website has a list of every train company and contact details and this does include email addresses. When it comes to delay repay I use these in the first place and often get a spat back automated response telling me to fill in their stupid form. I then...
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    Providing text alternatives to make the forum more accessible

    I am also grateful for this however it's worth pointing out that a lot of the time now you can ask your screen reader to describe an image to you and it does this for the degree of accuracy including picking up most of the text that might be contained within that image. I'm definitely not saying...
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    Lumo journey experiences

    Meaning that either ticket acceptance was not put in place, bad form if so or or the train manager was ill-informed.
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    National Express General Discussion

    I think there might be something in the vehicle age factor; a relative uses the Kent services quite regularly and and reports that some fairly ancient, by NX standard, vehicles frequently tipped up. Obviously having, been worked hard all their life, they presented their fair share of trouble.
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Glq is definitely one of the better stations on ScotRail network for passenger assist
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    Lothian Group discussion (Lothian City, Lothian Country Bus and East Coast Buses)

    I had often wondered how this works from an accounting point of review within industries like this so thank you