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    Hatton to Lapworth - still the cheapest Annual Season?

    Does anyone know if you can add this ticket to The Key (Thameslink/Great Northern) or is it better to load it onto a Chiltern smartcard.
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    Oyster to Welwyn Garden City..

    Has this been extended to Hatfield yet. My Key Card now shows journeys split (so shows as Kings Cross to Hatfield for £8.40 each way) which is less than the previous week where it showed a total for the day at £17.50 so 10p less. Does it mean anything? lol
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    GN Class 717

    Great Northern just tweeted: Green signal ahead for new trains for the routes to Moorgate as #15 and #16 started all-day service this week. The roll-out is now 75% complete, so if you’ve seen one of the old fleet on your way today, nearly time to wish it a happy retirement...
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    GN Class 717

    Couple of 717 at Kings Cross this morning
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    Oyster to Welwyn Garden City..

    So there was a update on this Following a update last month
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    GN Class 717

    Saw one parked up at Kings Cross this morning on platform 11. Had Moorgate on the display. Doors were locked so looked like a diverted train?
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    GN Class 717

    Does anyone know if we are going to lose the 8 carriage trains from Kings Cross to Welwyn Garden City when these 717s come into service? Or are they keeping them both and Great Northern is from Moorgate and it remains as Thameslink from Kings Cross? Thanks
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    Trains stopping at far end of Platform 3 at Hatfield...Part 2

    Hiya, I assume that the solution at the very end of this thread never happened? It is beyond annoying that all the trains on Platform 3 stop at the far end. Does anyone know if a solutions afoot...
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    We've got the Key, it's no secret... (Smartcards on GTR)

    Hello, A few questions please: 1) Did a journey from Hatfield to Kings Cross and it charged it correctly at £10.10 and no issue. 2) Did a journey from Hatfield to Finsbury Park and it charged £5.10 and got an email that there was a incomplete journey. Looking at the history if charged...