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  • Hi Boothby97, I've been trying to research old bus routes in Grimsby over the years. I'm aware of all routes since 2006. Aswell as bits and pieces I hear about the past, such as the 7 going down Victor Street, a Number 10 & 11 Trolley Bus, 3C being the old name of the 7 route, a 15 down Carr Lane, etc etc.

    I can't find much in the way of bus guide maps of past Grimsby, since you are local too, I wonder, do you know of other routes that used to exist in the distant past?
    Sorry to bother you, but I've been asked to find out what bus used the stop on Alexandra Road, why the Yarborough Road bus stop near Cross Coates Road has a 7 listed on the 'card', why there's a bus shelter near the multi story carpark off Osbourne Street, and a stop on Queens Parade Cleethorpes.
    I just couldn't find the answers, again, sorry for asking.

    I'm planning of listed as many routes and variations as possible for future reference.
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