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    Northern Conductor Manchester Depots

    Hi, Did anybody else get through to an interview or even a medical for the original advert from April?
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Hi guys, hope the assessments have gone well for the people taking them over the last couple of days!! Just out of interest, how many people where in each session?
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    Notifications from Northern

    Hi Cj, I’ve had the same, recently applied for a role then noticed the role had been taken down after a couple of days, checked my online account and it had changed to ‘End of process’ and haven’t had any confirmation of it changing and like you I always check my junk folder just in case it’s...
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    Transpennine express Guard tests

    I applied for the Piccadilly vacancy too. Did the online assessment then was invited to an assessment day on 29th August. I couldn’t attend that date and was told I’d be moved over to the next one but not herd anything as of yet.
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    Northern Rail application problem

    That’s strange. I managed to get it working through safari on ios but it does seem that the application has had additional questions put in from the last one I did. That might of been where the problem was.
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    Northern Rail application problem

    It’s working again now
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    Northern Rail application problem

    Yes I’m getting that too. It’s very annoying! I already have all my application filled in and like you can’t get to the general questions page (part 3)
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    Trainee Driver - DB Cargo - Various locations.

    I’ve not had a reply other than the first auto reply email.
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    Trainee Driver - DB Cargo - Various locations.

    Ah ok, would of thought with the job advert being closed early they might of started the paper sift early. They must be sticking to the original email dates.
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    Trainee Driver - DB Cargo - Various locations.

    Hi, Has anybody herd anything back from the latest trainee driver job that was advertised reacently for Warrington?