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    MML Electrification

    I would imagine that M Harborough will take at least 18 months (once authorised), which would presumably be enough time to prep for at least the next few miles to give continuity of work to the project team.
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    Urgent help: TFL court summons

    I interpret it as you are charged with the one offence. If you admit to all the others now, then in paying them the compensation for those missed fares, they undertake not to subsequently bring a court case against you for them. But you still will get the conviction for the one offence.
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    HS2 construction

    Breaking news - Chris Packham has lost his appeal. Good! "In giving the decision, Lord Justice Lindblom said the court "rejected both of Mr Packham's substantive grounds of appeal as unarguable". "
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    Indeed Indeed, particularly when you add in the claim that a full recharge will take just 10 mins. So even if battery technology didn't move on at all in the next 10 years, a couple of charging stations at strategically placed passing loops would give a 50 mile boost whilst waiting for the...
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    I would imagine there would be an uproar if passengers were asked to change at Crianlarich. That's got to be a "no" surely. Interesting to note that Vivarail is today saying that its latest batteries can do 100 miles between charges, up from a claim of 60 a year ago. Whilst not suggesting that...
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    Class 230 units training/introduction on the Borderlands line.

    Vivarail tweeting today that their latest batteries offer up to 100 miles range. That's beginning to get to the point whereby more branch line services could usefully be operated by them purely relying on charging between journeys rather than being bimode...
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    Scottish Electrification updates & discussion

    I'm in total agreement with you. It could extend the tourist season too, if the journey by rail became the reason for the journey, like it is for the trains you mentioned. I think the windows would need to be proper panoramic ones, which extend up and are angled to give a much higher view out...
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    Train Fine - Straight to Court

    I've certainly seen my 20 year old son go to leave his ticket on the train when alighting at our unstaffed station, on the assumption that the journey is over and there will be nobody there to check it. But of course, GWR does occasionally post revenue inspectors there, so it's a risk that I've...
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    Court Hearing

    Unlikely, as that department hasn't existed for 15 years, since it was merged with another government department.
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    Court Hearing

    Probably better not to comment if you don't feel you have anything to add? I'd recommend you come clean at the earliest possible opportunity. It will potentially save you much more complication than if you try to continue the deception and get found out later.
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    Incongrous road sign at Penryn

    That's a matter of opinion. Yes of course it's expensive compared with a service train, but you are not comparing like for like. It's reasonably priced compared with shorter preserved railways, or a full length tour, offers an all summer round service, and as you say offers stunning scenery...
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    Temporary Closure for Rose Hill Marple

    I think the point is that he’s not going to invest substantial amounts of money to ensure his fleet meets the accessibility standards that DfT are demanding are used for rail replacement services going forward, for what he regards as marginal business. So whereas it might have been an ok...
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    Temporary Closure for Rose Hill Marple

    An interesting quote from a coach operator in Modern Railways this month, explaining why he won’t be investing in PSVAR compliant vehicles to be able to continue getting rail replacement work. “Am I worried that I won’t get any more phone calls at 04.00 from a rail company that wants to pay £200...
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    Are TOCs allowed to not issue certain types of tickets?

    I don't think you can regard the situation we've been in as an example of how TOCs have reneged on any previous promises. I'd argue that since advance fares are primarily there to encourage discretionary travel, and to use them to manage capacity by limiting them on busier trains, there was...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Just a reminder of the history here. NR spent a lot of money on a formal application, enquiry etc, presumably with some sort of sanction from the government. Which then decided not to approve it, but instead of saying no (because of the uproar there would have been) just sat on it for the last...