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    Train services to ferry terminals

    Heysham service was a through train from Leeds back in the 1960s. Caught it once to connect with the ferry to Belfast.
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    Bicycle and cancelled train

    Most bikes should fit into the boot of a car type taxi, albeit with an overhang. London taxis and similar can fit a bike upright into the passenger accommodation. Of course a hatch back car type taxi would be perfect. You might have to pay for the taxi hire though!
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    Bedford and LNER

    Clearly East Coast diversions via MML are not now feasible. Capacity all along the route and St Pancras would make it impossible. Previously there have been a few EC diversions via March and Cambridge to Kings Cross.
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    Bedford and LNER

    LNER,no, but BR did! When ECML was being electrified some East Coast services were diverted from Doncaster to St Pancras. Routed via Rotherham Masborough, the Old Road (Barrow Hill) to Chesterfield, then via the Erewash Valley direct to Trent Junction, and down MML via Leicester. East Coast HSTs...
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    Horbury Bridge Disused Rail Bridge

    Have you considered contacting SUSTRANS? Their subsidiary company Railway Paths own a number of former railway lines and structures around the country, the Spen Valley route and Great Northern Trail being two in West Yorkshire.
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    Horbury Bridge Disused Rail Bridge

    It forms part of the line from the Midland Railway (Rotherham Masborough to Normanton) at near Royston to Saville Town at Dewsbury. The most notable part being Criggleston Viaduct. I believe the section east of Criggleston village is useable. I remember using it nearly 20 years ago. However many...
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    TRIVIA: Lines with only the odd passenger train to keep up route knowledge

    A XC service travels this route in the opposite direction each evening just before 22.00 ( Southampton to York) I think most people would regard the Chesterfield - Barrow Hill - Beighton - Sheffield route as the “Old Road” too. Certainly I’ve heard railway men refer to it as such. An early...
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    CrossCountry HST Diagrams

    I thought this was normally a double Voyager. Starts as it starts as 06.45 from York. However today it was cancelled at Exeter due to high seas at Dawlish. Probably the sets produced to work it from Plymouth came from various eastbound trains that were cancelled. Only XC HSTs made it to Plymouth...
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    York's Park & Ride scheme

    My understanding of the McArthur Glen Outlet (Fulford Road) is that Bus Passes are valid all the way OUT of Town, but passengers who board at the outer terminus (McArthurn Glen) to go INTO Town have to pay a supplement / premium. This makes it simpler for the driver as there is only one stop he...
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    Any new station additions to open in 2020?

    Worcestershire Parkway is possibly going to open in 2020, perhaps Spring, or later. Old Moore’s Almanac may have details
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    December 2019 timetable change.

    The 0603 Lincoln didn’t run!
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    Can you travel from Lands End to John O Groats entirely on bus vehicles (not coach vehicles)?

    First’s regular service between Evesham and Worcester is the X50, the 51 is now only a school run!
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    Can you travel from Lands End to John O Groats entirely on bus vehicles (not coach vehicles)?

    From Evesham to Derby, an alternative is to travel with Stagecoach X18 from Evesham to Coventry (possibly changing at Stratford). Then X6 to Leicester ( might be a coach?) to connect with Skylink to Derby. Stagecoach X10 runs via M1 between Barnsley and Leeds, but may be a coach.
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    Grand Central missed connection - do you have to wait 4 hours?

    From 15 December the connecting Northern service will be 11.05 (Sheffield -Adwick stopper, nodding donkey!) arriving Doncaster 11.45.
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    Grand Central missed connection - do you have to wait 4 hours?

    Be aware that the xx.25 Northern Sheffield to Hull and the Yorkshire Coast line (class 170) trains are often delayed on departure from Sheffield, perhaps due to XC departure at xx.21. Arrivals at Doncaster around xx.05/08 are possible. Just saying!