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    What do the numbers on new style paper tickets mean?

    Does anyone know what the final two 2-digit numbers refer to? E.g. in post #988 you have 11657-11659-4439-9132-34-02-00. 11657-11659: ticket number(s); 4439 machine number; 9132 NLC. But what do 02 and 00 mean? Looking on tickets I have, it's nearly always 03-00 or 03-01. Not sure what it...
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    Mobile Tickets and London Terminals

    Follow-up question: there's only one barcode but it's a return ticket. Can I use that for both the outbound and return journeys?
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    Mobile Tickets and London Terminals

    I bought a ticket online earlier from Chiltern Railways website. Stupidly forgot to select "Collect at Station" (like I do everyday) and have ended up with a mobile ticket. I bought it to London Bridge (which was lucky because I normally select Waterloo for simplicity), which prints on paper...
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    Zone U1* fares and OSI (Out of Station Interchange)

    Thank you for the link, that's really helpful. The list only includes Cannon Street NR to Bank as "Magnetic & PAYG". I came out of the LU station at Cannon Street, which is listed as "PAYG only". Interchanging between Monument and Bank takes too long during rush hour, so I may try changing at...
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    Zone U1* fares and OSI (Out of Station Interchange)

    Does anyone know the official policy on out of station interchanges with Zone U* tickets on the London Underground (background: these tickets are add-ons for National Rail tickets giving a single or return journey on the underground or DLR). I made a journey from Aldgate East to Waterloo...
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    Rail Travel Voucher onto Oyster Card

    I was passing Fenchurch Street today and popped in there. Three windows, only one can do Oyster (it's the only one that still has Cubic FasTIS). That window was closed, but they fetched someone to open it. Three minutes later, the vouchers were on my Oyster card. Good service and much...
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    Rail Travel Voucher onto Oyster Card

    I'll give Liverpool Street a try next time I'm there. I would've tried Shoreditch High Street, but haven't had good experiences with LO stations and National Rail matters.
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    Rail Travel Voucher onto Oyster Card

    Many years ago, I loaded a huge wad of National Rail Travel Vouchers (the ones that used to be green) and London Underground's equivalent (the blue and red ones) onto my Oyster card at a tube station. I now have a number of Rail Travel Vouchers again (slightly bluer these days), nearing expiry...
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    Delay Repay on season ticket with break of journey

    Is it possible to claim Delay Repay on a break of journey? I hold Ash Vale to London Zones 1-6 via Woking as an annual season. Yesterday I travelled up to Staines from Ash Vale. On the way back, I broke my journey at Egham, Virginia Water and Chertsey, spending about 45 mins to one hour in...
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    Kent to Calais Day Return Ticket Options

    The gold card discount shows for me:!fares?orig=1072&dest=H426&rlc=NGC
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    Ash Vale and North Camp - one station for ticketing?

    I hold a Ash Vale to London Zones 1-6 season ticket, via. Woking. According to journey planners, you can do the following on such a day ticket: Walk to North Camp North Camp to Guildford Guildford - London (Waterloo and Clapham Juction both give this route) I've scoured the routeing guide, but...
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    Kent to Calais/Boulogne Day Return

    I don't understand the obsessions they currently have over putting foot passengers and their hand lugage through a security scanner and metal detector. They don't do the same with cars, which makes the check rather pointless. It does seem like a palavour compared to a recent ferry I took...
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    Permitted routes on outboundary season ticket

    Thanks for all the replies. Ash is actually closer to home than North Camp (and parking easier) so that option is fine. You'd have thought (in all these years since privatisation) that the question of "what train can I use my ticket on" would be easier to answer.
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    Is Delay Repay fit for purpose?

    Contact them again and ask them to reconsider. The 10:00 Kings Cross to Aberdeen arrived 63 minutes late. Unless they can show another TOC made you miss the 10:00, then you would be eligible for Delay Repay.
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    Is Delay Repay fit for purpose?

    Perhaps such a system could be combined with a properly implemented smartcard system to prove the journey was actually made, i.e. if you want to be eligible for enhanced compensation, then you must use a smartcard.