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    1. Donhamer
      The whole process leaves me a bit underwhelmed to be honest. I got an email 3 days after the closing date saying 'thanks but no thanks' then 4 days later I got a travel pass for assessment! Phoned them on the Monday and no one knew anything!!!! It was the Wednesday before I could get a straight answer from them!!!!
    2. Donhamer
      Yes, Dumfries
    3. Donhamer
      Any tips for the Interview?
    4. scotraildriver
      And good luck - who is doing your interview?
    5. scotraildriver
      I believe the assesments take out around 70% of people so the number for interview will be quite low.
      In terms of preparing for interview you need to take safety, all the time. You MUST come across as someone who thinks constantly about safety.
      Secondly, a good knowledge of the company and job is essential. DO NOT however simply look up Wikipedia or the like and rhyme off whats there. Do you know the MD's name? How long the franchise has to run?

      However, the very best thing you can do is visit the depot at Dumfries and ask for a look around. It isn't normally a problem and then you can ask about depot related things, learn about SPAD's etc and generally have a knowledge of the depot. It may even be that you get to speak to the manager doing your interview which would really help you. Lots of people do this so don't be shy, just go along and ask. A depot visit is an absolute requrement for internal candidates and if externals can do it is always goes down well.
    6. Bun
      Hi playmore

      Sorry I didnt reply to your previous message re gb test either missed it due to being unfamiliar with site or hadnt made enough posts.
      I was up at Scotrail hq on Thursday for the assessment with 14 others and thanks to yourself and others on this forum found th gb test the easiest of the lot due to practising and using my technique of left index finger under dots(which I finally decided on)
      I was also consistent and slowed down on the easier 1st page and made a very faint 10 line pencil mark on each sheet as a guide.So thats what I did 5 10 liners and yesterday a ticket for the managers interview popped through my door for 2 weeks time!!!!
      Thanks again and if you got any extra tips for next stage would be cool but think I know whats coming and I am working on my responses as we speak.

      Cheers m8

    7. playmore64
      Hey pal,

      In relation to the technique you mentioned for the GB Test, I would probably ask the Assessor before the tests begin because you never know they may use their discretion and if you feel this improves your score then I don't see any harm.

      No harm in asking!
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