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    A little surprise.

    Nice! Shame the handles don't move though... Sam
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    Battery locos

    How many FOIA requests have you made, Julian?
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    Central trains Conductors to strike

    two points: when was the last strike on CT? also, since when did staff not VOLUNTEERING to work Sundays constitute a strike? may I humbly suggest you refrain from commenting on issues you clearly know little about!
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    Jubilee line opinions

    It's very impressive, guys. Try and sort out the volume levels on the 96 stock, though. There's quite a few transitions (especially when braking) where the sounds go from loud to quiet and vice versa - unrealistically so... Now, bring on the flamewar!!:director: Sam
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    Clagtastic Ped!!

    What, then it's towing your caravan?:brushtee:
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    Sounds like you've got yourself an obsession there mate!:love3::thumbup: Sam
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    Taiwan High Speed Rail

    Now now David. Don't be rude. ;););) Sam:bootysha:
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    They're all DMUs anyway. ;) Sam:toothy10:
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    [B]National Rail esrever (reverse) cryptic quiz[/B]

    Have a wild guess!:ogre: Sam
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    Nicest smelling station

    Aye, there's a bust soap pipe just east of the platforms in the tunnel............... Sam
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    Earl's Court Tesco Car Park (You get more than what you expect :) )

    No, but taking down the numbers of bloody D stocks is! This forum really is full of some of the saddest people on the web... Sam
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    Earl's Court Tesco Car Park (You get more than what you expect :) )

    Click what button? Oh dear god no not that one... Please not the button! :thefinge::thefinge::thefinge::thumbup: Sam
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    Earl's Court Tesco Car Park (You get more than what you expect :) )

    I'll be checking to see if you left any 'mess' on the floor tomorrow... ;);) Sam
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    [B]National Rail esrever (reverse) cryptic quiz[/B]

    Where's Homerton?:( Sam
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    Hello Nutter. Have you shagged Jayne yet? :sex: Sam