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    London Euston (OR Watford Junction) - Glasgow Central splits?

    Do you really consider the £33 Off-Peak Return to be in need of being reduced?!
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    Good news on the "toast famine" - how are the "double up" booze runs going these days?
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    With offers of "doubling a double" :wink:
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    East Midlands Trains industrial action and alternative routes

    Do be aware that most of the Leeds to Kings Cross trains that call at Grantham do not call at Peterborough, so a change of trains at Grantham will likely be required.
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    East Coast price change?

    How amusing that the withdrawal of this EC&Connections fare is actually going to cost EC £90 per trip from FlippyFF rather than gain them the £20 or so they hoped!
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    EMT 1st Upgrades

    These are the difference between the Anytime Single and First Anytime Single. The reason for some being cheaper is that EMT could have risen the price of the former more than that of the latter on those flows over that time period.
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    Skipton to Leeds off peak return

    Sadly TPE seem very reluctant to offer &connections Advance fares widely
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    Any VT services which guarantee a Pendo?

    The 2200 Euston-Crewe (in the Manchester service group) is a single Voyager.
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    Manchester to London "Off Peak"

    Virgin allow railcard-discount Off-Peak tickets to be used any time so this is intentional!
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    Break in journey required?

    The via Stoke services avoid Stafford and use the direct line between Rugeley and Stone which diverges from the WCML at Colwich Jn.
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    Watford Blockades

    Really? Wait several years to perform a few weekends' work? The Trent Valley was shut for weeks without all this drama!
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    Pick-up only

    What is (theoretically) the biggest fare a passenger could be chinged for on the "set down only" SWT services?
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    18:26 Leeds to Manchester

    Yes - I wouldn't even think twice about that up-trade.
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    22:50 Euston to Manchester

    Still taking almost 3 hours, though!
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    Return tickets cheaper than singles

    Some Super Off-Peak tickets on certain flows in the South East only come in Returns and are cheaper than the Off-Peak Day Single.