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    How did this man not get electrocuted?

    Sorry, I was aware it happened in 2011 but haven't personally seen the footage until now.
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    How did this man not get electrocuted? He clearly fell on the 3rd rail then nearly got hit by the train.
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    Northern rolling stock changes post electrification

    I was looking for one yesterday. I was out from around 2:30 pm, no luck finding one. Ended up stumbling across the Arrive 67 set and gave that a bash to Chester instead. Got back into Piccadilly at about 8pm and there was a Liverpool bound 319 pulling away from platform 14 :lol:
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    Northern rolling stock changes post electrification

    Can someone post the times of these new 319's for those who want a run on them please? Thanks.
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    Ordsall Lane WCRC Derailment accident report

    If it hasn't already been posted. Locomotive derailment at Ordsall Lane Junction, Salford, 23 January 2013 (PDF)
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    Accident at Welshpool (16 July 2013)

    Looking at the picture of the train involved, it came out quite unscathed considering it was doing 75 when it hit the trailer :o
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    Rebekah Brooks - crossing keeper - is this serious

    Must have done. I found it amusing because her head looks massive:lol:
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Had the interview at 16:30 yesterday afternoon. Got the e-mail at around 08:45 this morning :cry:
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    Railway lines can create bad first impressions

    Of course. I hear the queen walks her corgi's along various embankments in London :lol:
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    TPE trainee drivers

    I felt mine went really well, but I failed it. Compared to my first ever phone interview a few months ago, it was 10 times better. Can you request feedback?
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Failed my phone interview even after I thought I did really well. Really peed off about it.
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    First Group Trainee Driver

    There are two online assesments. one is questions about various situations and if you pass that one, the next is a concentration test made up from numbers and letters. I did both assesments on the same day. My phone interview is this afternoon.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    I suppose it depends on where you work. I could easy get away with pulling a sicky :oops:
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Easy. Call in sick.
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    Group Bourdon Tool

    How are these results for a beginner? Overall Statistics: ------------------- Perception & Attention: Targets Omitted ------------ 7 Marked Incorrect ----------- 1 Speed: Total Cells ---------------- 1117 Mean Cell Time ------------- 0.344...