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    ScotRail HST Introduction - Updates & Discussion

    I was going to say, 14 diagrams for 18(?) trains feels like a pretty standard requirement. Possibly in electric land the unit requirements as a % of the fleet may be more, but you're probably talking 10-15 year old electric units, some of which are peak services only.
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    [Portugal] Old locomotive will be refurbished back to operation.

    Oops. Any further news on the acquisition of ex-SNCF Corail driving coaches? Given the vast amounts of spare Corail coaches following recent withdrawals, and even going back a couple of years places like Villenueve-Saint-Georges having a fair few rakes of them, you'd think it would be a...
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    Aviation Discussion

    Not even Aviavox?!
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    Trivia: Longest journey on the same type of rolling stock but different TOCs?

    I thought that just as I finished typing it... and a far more enjoyable way of doing the journey too!
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    Trivia: Longest journey on the same type of rolling stock but different TOCs?

    If you ignore the tube or are happy to walk between the two, surely Inverness to Penzance (via London KGX and London Pad) using LNER and GWR 80x traction has to be in with a shout?
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    Professional driving policies

    That's a good point - also increased risk of a microsleep or similar loss of concentration/awareness due to the longer time trundling at a low speed. Especially on a falling gradient where you may be making several brake applications to keep the speed below a certain speed (10). You can imagine...
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    Routing London - Derby via Grantham

    That's perfect, thank you for that. The reason why I asked is because I was aware of the London to Nottingham being valid via Grantham. Taking it all into account, I think I will therefore go for a LON - NOT Super off peak Return, and buying the NOT-DBY return separately, as you've suggested.
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    Routing London - Derby via Grantham

    Sorry, my routing guide knowledge is near zero... Is a London Terminals - Derby Any Permitted super off peak return valid via Grantham? I'm likely to have an outward journey from St Pancras via Nottingham, and return via Grantham into London Kings Cross. Thanks in advance!
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    Gare du Nord to Montparnasse tomorrow lunchtime.

    Agreed, I wouldn't suggest using the RER unless the journey involved means that you have to.
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    Upcoming trip to Weymouth

    That is not quite correct; before Coronavirus and the amended timetable, seat reservations were available on those services and were becoming more reliable again. However, under the amended timetable there are no seat reservations on ANY GWR service on ANY route.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    Agree on both accounts. Our 158s are Cummins and unless it's a ropey unit, will beat any Perkins powered unit from a standing start.
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    Yep, that's what I find, and put it down to the lack of air conditioning on the 165s. The 165s have 'air cooling', which for a supposedly inferior system seems to be far more reliable, keeps the saloon far cooler and doesn't affect engine performance. On a hot day, if you've got a choice, choose...
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    Driver's favourite rolling stock

    Yep, recognise the 'below notch 5 not a great deal happens' from driving Turbos :lol: They do seem better at holding speed than sprinters, but a little slower from a standing start. 165s seem a bit better than 166s.
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    EasyJet to close bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle along with over 700 pilots made redundant

    Maybe I am being optimistic - or cynical depending on your viewpoint - but I do wonder whether some of the former Stansted & Southend route network will now come to Gatwick given the available capacity at LGW following BA's decision to consolidate their operations to Heathrow? Surely if you are...
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    Yellow Hand Signal?

    As odd as it sounds on face value, breaking that down into normal situations you get a yellow handsignal v. normal situations in which you get a green signal that does make sense. Just got to break it down and think through logically :D