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    East Midlands Trains - diversionary route / transport

    Any chance which diagrams will be formed of HST's this coming Saturday please?
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    London to Norwich - 90 min timings

    Certainly big news across the East counties tonight with this story dominating the first 11 minutes of Look East.
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    May 2019 timetable pdf Files

    What's going on with the DC please? Just over a week to go and no details.
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    Completely Empty Trains

    Always a favourite of mine is travelling between Sleaford and Spalding in the Peterborough direction... I have been the only passenger onboard mid afternoon.
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    XC Golden Valley diverts

    With CrossCountry diverting via the Golden Valley this weekend and calling additionally at Swindon. Is it ok to do a break of journey at Swindon on this occasion please?
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    Virgin Trains Advance (+connections) fares revision

    Thanks. I have looked for July from Birmingham to Norwich and nothing cheaper than £30, which made me think they have been adjusted.
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    Virgin Trains Advance (+connections) fares revision

    Apologies if this has already been mentioned but does anyone know if Virgin Trains (West Coast) have made some revisions to their west midlands fares priced advance fares? I normally can purchase their lowest priced advance ticket from Birmingham to anywhere else beyond Euston for £14.50. For...
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    20th May 2018 Timetable Change - Published timetable pdfs

    Mere days to go and still no Gospel Oak to Barking on the website. Is the timetable not changing at all?
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Thank you. £16.75 Super Off Peak from Kings Cross. It seem excessive to pay £10 for a journey across London - any suggestions? Perhaps a one day travelcard with a railcard discount looks cheaper.
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Any suggestions from the cheapest ticket Wembley to Kings Lynn at a weekend with a network railcard please?
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Thank you very much. Any suggestions how I can input this into an online retailer please?
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Thank you very much. So can I start my journey from a London station rather than Kings Lynn then return to London?
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    Kings Lynn Super Off Peak Travelcard

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated please. Kings Lynn super off peak travelcard with a network railcard is £21.05. Are you allowed to use this ticket from a London station as your origin station? Also does it allow break of journey along the Great Northern route? Many thanks in advance.
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    Northern Class 185 Diagrams

    Morning! Can anyone please supply the current diagrams please? Especially interested in Saturdays please, if anyone can help.
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    No Service Northern Tyne/Tees - 1st January 2017

    Many thanks for everyone commenting - much appreciated. So it looks like a day in sunny Sunderland on the 1st - any suggestions on where to walk or what to look out for?