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    How long can you handle being on a train?

    It depends if you are in a 'Premium' cabin or steerage for me. Long haul can be reasonably pleasant so long as you are comfortable and the atmosphere is conducive to a relaxed and quiet experience. I agree with short haul, 2 hours on a rammed Ryanair/Easyjet/TUI (other budget airlines are...
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    How long can you handle being on a train?

    It very much depends on the comfort factor. Seating comfort, legroom, noise levels, type of train, cleanliness, number of people etc. 30 mins in a rammed Northern 150 on a summers day is plenty thanks. Winding through Scotland on a railtour with good seating, refreshments, nice people etc is a...
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    It used to be more than half full leaving Chester. Add all the intermediate stations to Newton and it was standing and full. Two thirds decanted at Oxford Road. Assuming that people return to these services in numbers then things will get very busy at Newton in the Peak.
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    As a former commuter I can assure you that is IS Oxford Road they want as a final destination and a swap at Newton of two thirds of a three car 175 or 195 onto an already full 319 isn't going to be popular.
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    True enough, though a lot of the commuter traffic from Helsby/Frodsham is/was for Oxford Road.
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    CV writing

    I undertake a lot of recruitment. Make sure ALL your qualifications are on your CV, tailor your CV for each job applied for and ensure that you have the requisite experience or attributes required for the role as advertised, as the initial sift is based on these criteria. Once through the...
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    Trivia - abandoned railways with intact track

    Some (most?) of the old line from West Cheshire Junction to what was then UKF, now CF Fertilizers, is still in place. The adjacent branch is in use for supplying feedstock sand to the Encirc glass plant at Ince. The rest of the line up as far as Mouldsworth was lifted in the early 90's.
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    Vaccine side effects?

    Had mine last week as did 4 of my work colleagues. All AZ. All of us had the same side effects lasting 24-48hrs. Headache, shivers and feeling tired. Two of us had a metallic taste in our mouths for a couple of days. All have recovered fully with the exception of a warm and sore arm.
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    Would you buy a new build house?

    Only if it was a design and build job overseen by myself. The mass build housebuilders seem to be an a very tight budget in regard to space and material quality.
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    Ellesmere Port Docks Lines/Sidings

    Very interesting. As a child our family home backed onto the Helsby to Mouldsworth line and a lot of the Ellesmere Port freight headed up that way. I certainly remember the traffic from Stanlow and Vauxhalls passing the end of our garden and at times a lot of chemical freight, coal and stone...
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    Vaccine Progress, Approval, and Deployment

    Had mine yesterday, brain fog and headaches this morning but functioning at work. I had two other work colleagues who were vaccinated yesterday as well, and both have the same side effect symptoms. Another work colleague goes today who has had his appointment brought forward by 2 weeks yesterday...
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    Flexible Rail Season Tickets - 2/3 days per week to be introduced by June 2021

    ATW (Now TFW) certainly had something like that when I used to commute into Manchester a couple of years ago. Very useful.
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    What train encapulates your childhood?

    At the end of our garden was the line from West Cheshire Junction to Mouldsworth so Class 25, Class 40 and Class 47 were the mainstay of my early childhood hauling freight just yards from the garden fence.
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    December 2020 Timetable Change

    You should during Winter else your battery could go flat and if you haven't enough antifreeze in your coolant then that can also be an issue.