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  • Cheers for the heads up! I had a feeling those would be the questions they concentrated the most on. How did you think it went?

    I think my interview went reasonably well, a couple of things i probably could have got across a bit better, but on the whole i'm pretty pleased with mine.
    Yeah I know what you mean, but it's the same for everyone so as long as you're prepared you'll be fine mate.

    It can't harm to do a bit of research in my opinion, even if its on the day or the day before so it's fresh in your mind.

    Just realised my interview is actually on the 19th, so you'll be before me!
    I'm feeling reasonably confident to be honest, I think I can answer all the interview questions pretty well. I'm always an optimist anyway! How about you?

    Do you know what depot you're being interviewed for? I applied for the Chingford one.
    Hi Chris,

    Just been reading through the Greater Anglia thread and realised that you were the guy I was talking to for most of the initial recruitment tests. Well done for getting this far! There was a girl we were talking to as well but I can't remember her name!

    I've got my interview on the 14th, so good luck for yours mate!

    Hi Chris, I was just wondering which post u applied for? I been told I'm due for an interview for Cambridge as a mainline driver...I'm thinking it must be soon as the course starts in march. Did u apply early on? I applied in July for another post but asked if I could be considered for mainline. I also was a bit worried about my location (Portsmouth) but u also live a fair trek away from Anglia so I presume they happy for us to relocate. Look forward to your reply..thanks Dave
    I'm debating whether or not to see them this coming fortnight, I forget exactly when they are playing with young guns et al. Next up for me is Shikari. Gonna be sick
    I'd just like to congratulate you on your fantastic choice of picture. Best Intentions is a cracking album. I've seen them three times live this year. I'm a massive fan. x
    If you were looking at planning a 2 day meet in the summer might be a good idea to consider what and when now, as Travelodge are holding a sale and there are some £9 or £19 rooms in London in July and Aug.
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