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    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    Why would they use diesel if there is power available? Seat reservations really not needed on the routes they operate on.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    We've already decided we don't need yet another thread a few pages back.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    The loco hauled stock has gone on its long overdue way to the scrappers, good riddance. Struggling to think of any new fleet that had a fantastic first year. It will get there.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Is there a mic in the buffet bit too?
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    Was the Pendolino worth it?

    Yes. 100x better than what was before it
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    Ipswich docks branch

    I think your second sentence answers the question in your first sentence!
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Presumably 745/1 on the route is just temporary to keep all the units working a bit?
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Agreed. An improvement over the life expired ratty old mk3's in every way.
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    Why not? If it's only one breakdown it seems great for the testing program. Surely the whole point of testing is to get any issues identified and resolved?
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    Onboard vending machine

    Far less vending machines in stations (and in general) than there were in the past though. All the ones in the tube stations are long gone. Not needed or wanted.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Maybe if the lockdown goes on for a while and there is a decline in rail travel after they can all be sent to the scrappers too?
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    Locomotive Hauled GE Trains now no more

    I think you mean the lack of 745's rather than reliable ones? Reliability has been pretty good.
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    Locomotive Hauled GE Trains now no more

    As far as commuters and average travellers are concerned GOOD, good riddance. Shame a farewell tour cant be organised for those interested but maybe in a few months time there will be enough junk left that hasn't been scrapped yet to cobble together to run a tour.
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    GA Class 90 Mark 3 Sets Withdrawal

    No thumbs up emoji on here but this x10000000 goodbye to bad rubbish