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    Class 484 replacing class 483 on the island line: progress updates

    40 Year old electrics? So rewireable fuses and no RCD protection... I would suggest you get an inspection done. Cables can degrade, certainly RCD protection is a very good idea and you may find other things that actually aren't right. As regards doing nothing to the stock. What maintenance...
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    Finalists - Best UK 'High Speed' train

    Probably a lot more than you think.
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    Best passenger high speed train in UK?

    You missed the 22x
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    Disabled Passenger Over-Carried

    To be fair you need specialist training to drive those buggies. Without that health and safety would have a field day. But Network Rail should arrange that training for sufficient people to provide cover if required (I’ve only seen them at Network Rail managed stations). 1629977209 I would...
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    RMT threaten strike action on.........Thameslink

    Correct. In cases where it is open and shut, that is exactly what unions do. They ensure that the employee is treated fairly in accordance with company procedure. 1629896565 To be fair, T keys should not be used on anything requiring a modicum of security. They are in widespread use elsewhere...
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    3rd Rail 100 mph stretches

    Speed limits were not enforced. 100mph was achieved over 90MPH sections.
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    3rd Rail 100 mph stretches

    Isn’t the line down to Bournemouth the South West Main Line.
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    Great British Railways: Replaces Network Rail & more changes - updates only (non-speculative)

    DfT hold the trade mark to the double arrow logo and it is licensed to RDG. Trade mark number UK00901733575 Owner(s) name THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR TRANSPORT, Great Minister House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR, United Kingdom...
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    Most used livery

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    SWR Class 458 to be retained

    That surprises me because SWR don't maintain the Desiros. Siemens do.
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    Class 442s - Now at the end of the road and to be withdrawn permanently

    They’ll rise but not by nearly as much as you think. Most of the commuters have worked from hoe for over a year and love the flexibility and better work/life balance it can offer. They won’t want to be forced back into the office full time.
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    Formula 1

    Someone needs to morph Mazepin into Maldonardo :lol:
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    Round versus Oval Buffers

    No he means the class 91.