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    Kings Cross Upgrade Closures 2020

    From Engineers Access Statement: Thursday 24th December 01:15 - 23:00 Kings Cross closed, trains to start / terminate Finsbury Park Access / egress maintained to Canal Tunnels via Slow Lines BETWEEN 0400 SUN 27 DEC TO 0800 SUN 27 DEC TRAINS TO START/TERMINATE AT FINSBURY PARK. NCL AVAILABLE...
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Thanks for the gen in any case - failures can't be helped. Next time, maybe.
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Thanks very much, that should work quite nicely.
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    Northern Pacer Diagrams - Summer 2020

    Sat 25th July 150109 + 142068 2S71 07:14 Sheffield Midland - Manchester Piccadilly.
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    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Please could someone post the allocations of 175005, 175101 and 175104 from the magic box please. Many thanks in advance.
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    Train services to ferry terminals

    Where is the new terminal to be sited? I was supposed to be on the IoM this week, however circumstances put paid to that. James St to Pier Head walk over the road was my intended route, even with luggage.
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    Long term implications of suspending ticket checks

    Could giving guards a perspex, visor style face shield along with their mask work?
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    Powers of a person at a station

    Are the SYPTE products not also on ITSO? I thought the whole point was to have a universal card standard so that every reader could read every card. Just a case of software recognising the validity of the ticket.
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    LNER Kings Cross to Leeds services

    One coach currently has to be locked out for a rake of mark 4s to go to Skipton. However, as the plan is for two coaches to be knocked out of each set, that will cease to be a requirement. At present a set of mark 4s is unable to call at Shipley when going to/from Skipton. Does that restriction...
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    LNER Kings Cross to Leeds services

    I think there was a spell when the plan was to withdraw 91s and mark 4s with increased 5 car running in Dec 2021. Thankfully sense has prevailed and the plan has now reverted to retaining some hauled sets with minimal use of 5 car 800/801s. I understand that Hitachi are paid whether the units...
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    Is a rail replacement bus (RRB) a train? (for legal purposes)

    In that case, I would suggest paying your fare on arrival at Billericay, assuming the booking office is open at the time. Although you would probably find it cheaper to get a ticket from Liverpool St.
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    Longest ECS movements?

    That was previously an overnight service train from Leeds to the West Country. Never really understood why they made it ecs - there always tended to be a few on it.
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    Future of Newhaven Marine and Harbour Stations?

    In my view, this is the correct decision. There is no viable passenger traffic at Newhaven Marine which cannot be served by the other two stations in the town. Foot passengers for the ferry are now better served at Newhaven Town, which is closer to the entrance to the new ferry terminal...
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    Rugely Town - Trent Valley

    Following on from here: I thought it best to create a new thread as this has nothing to do with Wales. When Rugeley Town was reopened, it was, for the first year, a terminus for trains from Birmingham before the service was extended...
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    Released Capacity

    But with the December 2021 timetable change, the current half hourly Leeds - Doncaster LNER service is likely to have a skewed frequency when Leeds - Kings X goes up to 3 trains per hour, with one stopping at both Wakefield and Doncaster and the other two stopping each stopping at one of...