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    Stations with one platform only

    Croston Burscough Junction
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    Best refurbishment transformation, which do you like?

    142013 Oh no, wait, it's never been re-furbished!! Nice original orange cab bulkhead and at least 1 remaining parcel door. Back on topic, I was very impressed by the mallard sets first time I got on one. That Wrexham & Shropshire re-furb looks good too. I'll have to go and find one...
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    Your favourite livery?

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! :D Although I'm partial to alot of other liveries too!! Martin.C
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    What are you listening to?

    Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night :D
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    Favourite London travel system

    Gotta be the tube. You lose your sense of direction completely with all the twists and turns, and tube stock out of tunnels just looks plain weird. Class_31;)
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    What Aircrafts have flew past your area?

    Mainly the Police helicopter round here!!:-o Do get the army helicopter run on Fridays quite often too, usually chinooks(?). Also Typhoons, Tornados, training Hawks all from Warton. I think thats right, I'm not the plane expert in the family!:dontknow: Class_31;)
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    Yet another desktop thread

    Yeah, but my brother has nabbed that for his desktop, Class_31;)
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    Yet another desktop thread

    Here's mine. I've had this one for a while now, matches the taskbar colour well I think. Nice tidy dektop here too, I can't stand clutter!! Class_31;)
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    Caption Please

    OMG someone is still using my powercar re-skins!
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    Return of the XC 90

    Tis true, 90017 was at Picc at around 3pm. Didn't have my camera with me though:roll: Class_31;-)
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    The Railway Magazine/Virgin Speed attempt

    Look out for the big hollow in the track on Platform 4 at Preston, I wouldn't like to do that at full line speed (whatever that is at that point). It certainly makes a loaded ballast train bounce like hell. Class_31;)
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    Goodbye RES 90!

    What a crying shame. There goes another "unique" livery. Goodbye RES :salute: (cos there's nothind else still running in RES is there?) Good job I got pics on the Norwich-London services. Martin.C;)
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    60s - Worst possible news!

    Still regular down the Docks branch, stopping me at the crossing on my way to work (but only if they're late). Class_31;) Another 059 fan, gotta love that LoadHaul!!!
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    Class 175 Liveries

    looks like I just tipped the balance!! FNW deffo for me, I can't stand the fade and colour change rubbish going on at the coach ends of the ATW ones. There's some right comedy names on them FNW ones too!! Rovers Return indeed!! Class_31;)