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    Salisbury to Romsey blocked by a land slip.

    Could mean a fairly significant delay - normally Salisbury to Southampton takes a similar amount of time by road as by train, but the A36 is closed overnight with a lengthy diversion.
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    Off peak return - Newcastle to Glasgow restriction?

    There are indeed two Wetherspoons pubs in/near Queen Street, but I believe Scottish licencing law means they can't serve alcohol until 10 am
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    Special Timetable Waterloo 5th - 28th August 2017

    The Salisbury page says the Reading diversion will take 50 minutes compared to Andover's 90 minutes. Presumably a typo and should perhaps read 150 minutes. Does this refer to the time taken from Salisbury to London, or just the part to Reading?
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    Durham to King's Cross Direct

    Another alternative is to get the bus through to Sunderland and get a Grand Central service to Kings Cross. They're far less frequent than Virgin from Durham, but the journey planner does show them going all the way (note that it takes quite a lot longer though).
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    Slightly unusual announcement from the guard as we passed Stevenage "politely reminding passengers" that the front three carriages, including exits, are first class. Mentioned that standard class tickets would be excessed to first class regardless of duration, the implication from his wording...
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    Currently sat in first class headed to kings cross. The usual full first class menu is being served, although the menus for this week aren't online (all day offer is ham and mustard or egg and tomato sandwich, sausage roll, Thai curry or lamb stew, breakfast is full English, bubble and squeak or...
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    I'm travelling from Durham to Kings Cross on Tuesday morning. The usual first class menu for my service would be breakfast. According to the Virgin East Coast website, a reduced menu runs until 2nd January, however the only menus showing for next week are a breakfast and all day menu containing...
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    Should People Have To Pay To Use Station Toilets?

    Often when I've used Edinburgh Waverley (charges 30p, as does prince's mall or whatever it's called this week next door), I've found that the barriers are either unlocked, or there's an attendant encouraging people to go through the wheelchair gate without paying. At kings cross, I usually...
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    3+2 Seating on ScotRail Replacement Buses!

    In contrast to this, I walked past Southampton central yesterday and the buses they were using for the Portsmouth replacement buses were much better. Modern, good condition and definitely not 3+2 seats. Two of the buses parked up were the type you'd normally see on service buses (one from...
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    Salisbury to Hertford

    Thanks for the replies everyone, it's a while since I got a London to Hertford train so I didnt realise they went from Moorgate now and not Kings Cross I'll probably end up breaking my journey in central London, and then just use oyster on the tube from there to Liverpool Street or Highbury and...
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    Salisbury to Hertford

    I will be travelling from Salisbury to Hertford (either North or East is fine, arriving some time in the afternoon or early evening) on Saturday 29th October and returning Sunday 30th October (leaving some time in the afternoon). The only ticket I can see is an Off-Peak return (£31 with 16-25...
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    Bus Fares - Go North East

    The Stagecoach journey planner sounds quite useful, especially if you're just visiting an area and don't know the various ticket options available. I did think other Go Ahead companies might have a similar feature, but a quick look at Salisbury Reds (part of Go South Coast) shows this not to...
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    Bus Fares - Go North East

    I was just looking up some bus times for Go North East and noticed that they now have a single/return fare calculator on their website whereby you select your route, start point and destination and are given the price. This isn't some I've seen on any other operator (aside from the likes of...
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    Why do VTEC diverts call at Carlisle?

    VTEC sets quite often "change ends" at Newcastle (I think via the High Level Bridge?) so I'd imagine they do it this way. I've never been on one of the Carlisle diverts so I can't be sure.
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    Lost my ticket (but with a good ending)

    Note: split from I lost my ticket on the train and got stopped for "Not having a ticket" A similar thing happened to me a while ago. I was travelling from Salisbury to Southampton Airport, and broke my journey at Southampton Central for a few hours. I put my ticket through the barrier and...