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  • Hi Karl, I would like to post with your permission one of your photographs on the "Bus Parisiens" forum. The picture I mean is the following: ttp://
    Of course, credits will be part of the post.
    I would be very grateful if you agree and I would understand in case of refusal.
    Hi Karl, I'm Mark from Birmingham, I used to work on the sleepers at Euston back in 2001, I understand that they are interviewing next week for a sleeper host at euston, However I'm too late this time but could you let me know if any vacancies arise in the future? I do know that they don't come up very often.

    Regards Mark
    Hi Karl, It's Deanna from Chatham/Brompton, Nice to see someone else is from Medway! you don't normally see alot of people from the Land of the Medway, How have you been keeping? hope to speak soon, Deanna xx
    Hey Karl, Its Dan from Hastings, we met at east kent that day finally got sorted on here lol
    Oh, Congratulations!

    Something someone said at trainsimcentral: You're maturing when you enjoy an evening listening to Radio 4, but you know you've come of age when you enjoy an evening listening to Classic FM and you like older music.

    I'm nearly there then: I like R4, the old music and I'm starting to get into the classics!
    Oh no, not at all. Sounds like a good idea indeed. I'll be honest with you - it's what I've been brought up with :Chris de Burgh, Queen, Jimmy Nail, Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen etc etc

    I take an awful lot of stick for it - but for that is what good music is!
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